There are many opportunities for anyone with initiative to start a small business from home. The hardest part seems to be a lack of education or knowledge in how to get started, or lack of money it takes to get your small business running.

Are there start up businesses that you can start without any startup costs? What a small business startup with no prior experience needed? I'm happy to tell you that there are some great opportunities for those of you with similar questions in mind.

What is the best small business to start with little or no money? Through much trial and error I've walked the walk, done the research, and am here to show you just how to get started.

The Easiest And Most Profitable Business To Start With No Money

The best thing about this strategy is, anyone can do it, and you can even pick your industry of choice. In fact, its best to decide what industry or passion you are most attracted to, and let that be your starting point.

What is a market that has potential to be profitable despite any economic condition? What if you could have an audience anywhere in the world that was a potential customer? Great news, you can!

The best small business to start with no money is without a doubt online. We are going to be showing you how you can use your knowledge and expertise, and share it with the world.

Your business will generate income through advertisements placed on your website from companies like Google Adsense, as well as using affiliate marketing links to recommended products and services for your viewers.

Take a look at professional bloggers and online entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Niel Patel, or websites like ProBlogger. Each of these entrepreneurs started right here just like you. They are now making well over $100,000 per month (yes I said per month, not year).

And trust me, so can you! But you have to start somewhere, and that starting point is right here. The following process will show you how to get started with your online business in just a few easy steps. And its free to start!

How to make money online for free: the 4 step process

Follow these steps to a tee, and success is inevitable.

Step 1 – Choose an interest

As mentioned above, you can begin in whichever industry you would like. But there is a right way to do this, because you also want to make sure your niche has an audience. Otherwise you won't have any customers.

Choosing an interest can be a tough step, and many fall into “analysis paralysis” thinking too hard about what to do.

My advice is to make a list of 10+ hobbies and activities you are passionate about. Choose your top 3 of that list and make a separate list for each choice of potential topic ideas you could include in your website. What questions or concerns do people in that niche have? Are you able to answer them and add value to someone looking for guidance?

After you have made your top 3 lists with content topics, choose the topic that you are most passionate about, AND has the biggest potential market.

Step 2 – Build a website

Next we need a place to post your expertise and knowledge for the world to see. This is done through building a website. Don't worry, no coding or prior experience is needed, because great companies like WordPress have made this so easy that anyone can do it without prior knowledge.

You can begin to build your website with well-known companies like Host Gator.

Host Gator allows you to integrate with WordPress to build your website content. To start, you will be picking a domain name for your website. This should be something easy to remember, and relevant to your website niche.

Step 3 – Attract visitors to your website

The way you attract visitors to your website is by writing helpful and valuable content within your niche. As you post answers to frequently asked questions, inevitably you will gain a following and large audience.

The trick is to be helpful, not to sound like a salesman as this will appear unattractive and drive people away from your website.

The way to make sure you post content relevant to frequently asked questions and concerns is by researching which keywords or phrases are searched the most in major search engines.

Tools like Jaaxy are a great place to start. With Jaaxy's keyword research tool, you can research how many searches are made each month for your keyword, see how many competitors you might have that are writing about that keyword, and even get an estimate of how much traffic you can expect should your post rank in the search engine results.

Step 4 – Earn revenue

As you consistently follow the above 3 steps, your website will be chock-full of great content, engaged visitors, and an email inbox full of questions and comments from your audience.

You make money from your blog website through recommending valuable products and services to your audience that will aid them in their search for knowledge about your topic.

This is done through affiliate marketing. When partnering with companies you trust, you will receive an affiliate link that is unique to your business, and this will be inserted in your content for customers to click through to. When your readers click your affiliate link and make a purchase, you will earn a small commission for referring that company new customers.

Again the trick here is to focus on being helpful, and not to sound like a salesman. When providing real value and help, your customers will buy from you time and time again.

Companies like Flex Offers allow you to set up an affiliate marketing account for free, and gain access to thousands of major retail companies and their affiliate links. These affiliate links will be inserted into your content within your website.

When your customers make a purchase, your commissions will be paid to you all in one place, rather than having to track your payments from multiple companies.

Where to start your online business for free

If you're a beginner to online business, then its helpful to start with a service that will give you expert trainings and resources.  This will accelerate your success and help you avoid making common mistakes as a beginner.  There are multiple great companies that offer helpful trainings.  A few of them are:

All offer great help for beginners, and you can't go wrong with any choice.  Our top recommendation among the four listed trainings is Wealthy Affiliate.  Here are the benefits you get access to when using Wealthy Affiliate:

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The content, courses and training's will keep you busy with your online business while getting started. Should you want access to more tools and resources outside of the free ones mentioned above, you have the option to host up to 50 websites, thousands of training's, and added website security and support for your WordPress blog for a few bucks per month.

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