When learning the ropes of affiliate marketing, it's worth looking at a few programs that offer tools resources and a community of support. There are many of them out there such as Affilorama, Stack That Money, and Wealthy Affiliate. Here, we're going to dive deep into Wealthy Affiliate and show you what their platform has to offer so you can determine whether they are of any value at all.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: What They Offer

Wealthy Affiliate offers a variety of tools and resources for affiliate marketers alike. To some, they are often labeled as an multi level marketing scheme (MLM) or just a platform to take your money and “teach” you how to do affiliate marketing.

After diving into their platform and even signing up to see what they offer, here's what I discovered. Members of Wealthy Affiliate Community recieve the following benefits:

  • The ability to host up to 50 domains in one location
  • Access to a premium version of WordPress, the industries leading website building platform
  • SiteRubix – an easy to use website builder for WordPress
  • You get to use their keyword research tool to optimize your SEO
  • Access to over 1,000,000 members willing to help offer feedback and help you engage your website traffic
  • The WordPress platform they give you access to has installed protection and apps aiding in site speed
  • You get access to other small business blogs similar to yours to see different ideas and advice
  • Weekly webinars to learn new tips for growing your business online
  • A step by step educational program showing you the ropes of affiliate marketing and building an online business
  • A community of active online entrepreneurs sharing new ideas and strategies.

As you can see, if you are someone looking to get your business online, or want to create a small side hustle online, you have all your needed tools and resources in one location, along with the absolute best step by step education on how to use it all.

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What They Don't Offer

They don't have included in the regular membership access to set up website ads, which is a huge part of getting your website to generate some cash. They do however teach you how to monetize your site, just not access to the tools you need to make money such as integrated ads or affiliate programs (other than being an affiliate for them of course).

An automated email platform would be nice to have, but again they teach you how to use email marketing with your website step by step, which is still very helpful. And I would also add they do allow you access to unlimited email addresses with their email server, just not the automated feature that is helpful when getting new email subscribers. They don't directly give you access to an email automation source, you still need to outsource it to another company like ConvertKit (who I personally use and sitting love).

I am honestly sitting here writing my blog and with all sincerity and honesty I can't think of anything else they don't have to offer. And it took some real effort to list the two mentioned above! If they don't have it directly, they will have education, recommendation and tips on how to do it.

Potential Alternatives

If you are looking for a simple website host, or a website builder there are some other options that may be very helpful. Keep in mind that they will not have the expert knowledge and educational videos that Wealthy Affiliate includes. I will say they have come cool options to build websites. Some of those website builders that I've tried and tested are:

Again, each of those listed above I've personally used before, but none offer anything any better than what you get with Wealthy Affiliate. You will pay the same prices, but not the same support and knowledge and expertise included. Who is Wealthy Affiliate NOT for? Again, I honestly can't think of a market that wouldn't benefit using their platform.

If I had no choice and had to come up with someone that may not need the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I'd say the PhD who has 15 years of website building experience and code's their own website themselves, and has all the in's and outs of building an online presence nailed down. This person probably already runs and directs the Technology and Website Optimization department at Google though, mind you.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. My advice, if you're still a bit skeptical, give them a shot with their free version. You've got nothing to lose and you still get total access to a few website domains, and all the hosting and website building tools mentioned above.