Content creation combined with SEO  (including keyword research) seems to get more complicated the more technology progresses.  Wealthy Affiliate has simplified the content creation process along with a plethora of other things, so you can manage it all in one location.  Their content creating platform is known as SiteContent.

One of Wealthy Affiliate's best key components is their content writing platform.  If you don't know what Wealthy Affiliate is, click here for a detailed intro. I'll give you the short version here for sake of keeping you informed.

Wealthy Affiliate is an essentially an internet marketing university. They teach people like you and I how to create online businesses, build an audience and following, and monetize your business over the web. They are totally free to use, and offer the worlds top training on building an online business.

I'm going to review one of their key features, namely, the “SiteContent” writing platform.

What is SiteContent and how will it help you?

SiteContent is the integrated writing platform within Wealthy Affiliate's program. With the ability to own up to 50 websites, things can get pretty confusing when you need to create a page or blog post on one of your 50 sites.

With SiteContent, you can write a post or create a new page for any of your websites. When you're done creating the post or page, you simply select the website you would like it to be published on.

This platform gives you the ability to have a one stop shop when writing content. It allows you to create basic templates, it checks for spelling and grammar errors, and most importantly, it searches the web before posting your content to ensure that it is unique and not copied from an illegal source.

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Features of the SiteContent writing platform

The Ultimate Content Writing Platform
As briefly mentioned above, some key features included in the SiteContent platform include the following:

Ability to create templates to ensure posts and pages are universal throughout your website

⇒ The platform counts how many words, paragraphs and paragraph headings you have for that post or page

⇒ You are able to check your spelling and grammar before you publish to ensure professional readability

⇒ Ability to insert links to referenced pages within the published post

⇒ Ability to categorize each published post into different categories or “buckets” as they call them, to keep track of which post was published on which site

⇒ Before you publish your new content, SiteContent will search the web to ensure your content is unique

Potential downside's of using SiteContent

Although I'd argue that SiteContent is the most user-friendly writing platform out there, it also has a few areas where I think could use some improvement.

  • Once you publish your post to WordPress, any edits need to be done on WordPress thereafter.
  • The feature to categorize your posts allows you to organize by category names of your choice. It would be nice to be able to categorize by website as well.
  • The spelling and grammar check has shown to be wrong, although very rarely. I will say I've seen it correct something that does not need correction. Again this rarely happens, but still not perfect
  • Your ability to change fonts, color of wording and text are slim to none. It would be nice to be able to do this within the writing platform (although you can change it in WordPress once you've published your content).

Who is Wealthy Affiliate's SiteContent writing platform for?

If you have a hard time organizing all your website posts and pages in one place, you need to try out Wealthy Affiliate's SiteContent writing platform. It is free to use, and also has a premium version if you want even more features.

If you have multiple websites, you will definitely see the benefit of keeping everything organized with SiteContent. Trying to store everything on a USB drive, or an excel spreadsheet or multiple word documents can be confusing, and allows for errors. With SiteContent, you mitigate all these potential issues

If you are looking for some added help on how to write great content, this is also for you. With Wealthy Affiliate's educational platform you will become an expert to writing great and engaging content in no time!

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My Opinion on Wealthy Affiliate's SiteContent Platform

Is it worth joining Wealthy Affiliate for the sole purpose of access to SiteContent? In my humble opinion I'd say absolutely! It's free of charge, it gives you access to educational content and help, plus you can even request feedback on your posts to know where to improve your website!

Are there other options out there? Of course. But none that come with the full package that is offered with Wealthy Affiliate. Most other platforms out there make you pay for use, and require other paid services to get added benefits such as domain hosting, educational content, feedback, etc.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get it all in one place!

Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent Quick Review & Summary


SiteContent is intended for: Multiple website owners, beginners, experts with needed feedback and opinions, anyone who wants organization of their websites.
SiteContent Price: Free
Overall Ranking out of 10: 9/10

Verdict: Legit & Highly Recommended!

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