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I've tried and tested many different resources from many different companies.  Through years of research and hard work, I have found the most user friendly and effective resources for their objectives.

The invested time and hard work has already been done for you. Listed below are a few trusted tools for accelerating your passive income success.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an excellent source of added income for your business.  When done right, you can gain the trust and respect of your loyal subscribers.  Below are a list of email marketing resources that I trust and recommend.

ConvertKit – ConvertKit is an email marketing software and service that makes following up with your loyal customers easy and automatic.  You get access to easy to use landing pages and sign up forms, along with great trainings and ideas on growing your following.  With their follow up sequence emails, you can keep your subscribers engaged and updated on new content, recommended products and services, and help answer questions and comments.  Set up your ConvertKit account here and you'll get a free 14 day trial to test things out for yourself.

==> This short video gives you a detailed review and real visual of ConvertKit email marketing software & services

==> Here is my detailed written review of ConvertKit


Blogging is a great way to grow your brand and online presence.  With the right process, you can reach customers through blogging that you might not otherwise be able to reach.  Below are a list of blogging resources that I trust and recommend.

Wealthy Affiliate  – AKA Wealthy Affiliate University, is an online platform for small business owners and online entrepreneurs.  They provide you access to all the tools and resources you need to build your presence online.  Their step by step courses walk you through how to build a thriving business online doing what you love.  On top of that, you get access to content creating tools, keyword research software, domain name purchases, added security to your website admins, and access to the help of 1,000,000+ online entrepreneurs.  Their free account gives you 2 free domains, 10 free online entrepreneur certification courses, 10 free affiliate marketing courses, and a step by step process to grow your business online. – SiteRubix is the website hosting platform used within Wealthy Affiliate.  Although a separate company, Wealthy Affiliate integrates with them due to their ease of use and ability to personalize.  I've tried different website hosting platforms, but SiteRubix has been the most user friendly to use, and hey they work with my top resource for online businesses!

Ebook Publishing

Take your expertise and publish it into an ebook.  The nice thing about this is that you can get paid on it time and time again…forever!  The following are the ebook publishing resources that I trust and recommend.

Ebooks The Smart Way by Pat Flynn – Pat Flynn is one of the internet's top “go to's” for how to build online passive income.  He wrote a book called “Ebooks The Smart Way” which I highly recommend. It's a free download at no cost to you!  Great resource and how to guide on writing your first or 100th ebook.

Kindle Money Mastery – Kindle Money Mastery is simply a tool that I've used to begin writing ebooks.  Now i'm no expert yet in writing ebooks, but I will say this source helped me organize my thoughts and processes to write a well organized book with great content.  Definitely worth looking at.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the top ways that bloggers and website owners monetize their websites is through affiliate marketing.  Below is a list of affiliate marketing resources that I trust and recommend.

Wealthy Affiliate – My first introduction to affiliate marketing was with the Amazon Affiliate program.  I set up an account but had no idea how to do the rest.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you step by step instructions on how to get going with affiliate marketing.  They teach you everything from deciding on a niche, to how to get traffic to your site, and how to optimize the links you insert into your blog.  Highly recommended for the beginner or even the expert!

Amazon Affiliate – The Amazon Affiliate program is probably the most lucrative of all the affiliate programs out there.  Of all the millions of products that are sold on amazon, they will pay you if you refer traffic to any product that results in a sale! Pretty awesome!  I know people who start up a website just listing their favorite products on Amazon, and without even trying make an extra $50 per month! Easy-peezy! – Like Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank is an affiliate website where virtually any business can go and list their digital products or information products in hopes that affiliates like you and I will send them traffic.   They are simply the middle man between the company's product and the affiliate marketer to send commissions to.  Another great resource for affiliate marketing. – Similar to ClickBank but smaller.  They may have access to products and companies that others may not, still a great resource for affiliate marketing.

Sell On Amazon

Selling on Amazon allows you to take advantage of the market Amazon has created.  It can seem daunting to start, but with the proper help you can totally automate the process to sell on amazon for great profits.  Below are the resources I trust and recommend to help you sell on Amazon successfully.

Inventory Source – I got started selling on Amazon bootlegging it myself not knowing a single thing.  I came across Inventory Source and my business exploded! Inventory Source has a large list of wholesale companies that they recommend and work with that you can choose from to list product on Amazon, Ebay, and TONS of other selling platforms online.  They process the data feed for your chosen company and upload all their product to your desired website.  Tons of time saved, tons of money made! – is an educational source for e commerce as well as a respected directory of well known wholesale companies with good reputations. They do the work of vetting out the companies that probably aren't worth your time, and only list companies that are experts in the industry.  Their training and educational content is exceptional as well.


Ecommerce websites are a fantastic source of passive income.  There are many companies out there claiming to be the best ecommerce website builders, trainings, etc.  Take it from someone who has been around the block a time or two with ecommerce.  The following are the ecommerce resources I trust and recommend. – Compared to any other ecommerce platform, shopify hit the ball out of the park.  Their platform is so easy to use and integrates with just about any other company out there.  They even provide you with their own source of payment processing for most products sold.  Whether your just starting out or an expert looking for a new platform, you can't go wrong with Shopify.  The cherry on top is they give you access to expert content and education about how to better build your ecommerce website!

Inventory Source – As mentioned previously, I was first introduced to ecommerce with Shopify (see paragraph above).  They had it all as far as setting up my site and how to make things look professional.  The one thing no other company has is access to automatic upload of product photos, description, inventory count and pricing.  With inventory source you can link your website to any wholesale company and Inventory Source will take care of all of the data feed for you.  This saved me TONS of time and allowed me to focus on more important aspects of the business. – is an educational source for e commerce as well as a respected directory of well known wholesale companies with good reputations. They do the work of vetting out the companies that probably aren't worth your time, and only list companies that are experts in the industry.  Their training and educational content is exceptional as well.

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Take the guess work out and trust my input from first hand experience.  If you have any questions or need more details and information about any of the trusted resources, email me at

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