Ask Trim, Trim Finance, Trim Financial Manager or just Trim, it goes by many names. It's a revolutionary app that automates the solving of some of the most common financial problems consumers face. By linking your bank accounts to Trim, their algorithm automates finding areas where you can lower bills, save on fees, lower interest rates, and even negotiate payments for you.

Wondering whether Trim is worth using or not? Not sure how it works or just want a detailed Trim Review? That's why I wrote this article to provide you with a detailed Trim Financial Manager Review. Let's get started…

What Is Trim & How Does It Work?

Trim is a revolutionary app that automates the ability to find ways to save you money. Perhaps their statement on their homepage describes it the best:

“Saving money should be easy. Automate it with Trim.”

In short, by linking your bank accounts to trim, their algorithm finds subscriptions you no longer use, bills you're paying too much for, interest rates that are too high, and then go out and negotiate these to better rates on your behalf! The end result is a clean-cut looking bank account and a healthy financial outlook.

How Trim Helps Solve Your Financial Problems

Here is a list of all the things Trim can do for you as a quick overview to the Trim Financial Manager app:

  • Negotiate your bills
  • Negotiate your bank fees and bank interest rates
  • Negotiate your medical bills
  • Save on credit card interest with Trim Pay
  • Up to 4% cashback with Trim Savings
  • Monitor your subscriptions to help identify memberships you no longer use but are still paying for
  • Financial coaching from financial experts
  • Additional savings deals from Trim's exclusive partners

The ultimate goal of Trim is to help you spend less, pay off debt, save more and have an overall healthy way of living. It all started with “trimming” your budget and expanded from there.

Bill Negotiation

You can either link your bank account or even send Trim your latest bills. Their team will reach out and negotiate your bill with your provider to receive the lowest rates possible.

Trim users save an average of $250+ per year by having Trim negotiate their bills. They have helped users save a total of over $40 million on cable internet and phone bills. Some of the major service providers Trim works with are:

  • Comcast
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Spectrum
  • T-Mobile
  • Cox
  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Sprint

Does it cost? Not directly. You don't have to pay Trim any money out of pocket, but they keep 33% of the savings they negotiate.

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Bank Interest & Fees Negotiation

If you live on a tight budget, chances are you've experienced the pain of an overdraft fee from your bank. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for banks to charge multiple overdraft fees of $35 or more from a few $5 purchases that put your account negative, helping no one but the bank itself!

Trim will also negotiate your bank fees and get as many of them refunded for you as possible on an ongoing basis. They can also negotiate your APR on your other accounts with your bank such as a loan, credit card or line of credit.

The way it works is you set up your bank account, you set a date to talk to someone with the Trim Negotiation Team, and they will reach out on your behalf to your bank to lower your fees.

Medical Bill Negotiation

According to an article on, it's reported that the number one cause of U.S. bankruptcies are medical bills, accounting for more than 62% of American bankruptcies. They also mention that over 2 million people are “adversely affected by their medical expenses.”

The way it works is you speak to a Trim negotiation expert who will call your medical provider on your behalf to negotiate lower payments and negotiate towards a zero-interest payment plan.

The verdict? Medical bills are hurting a lot of people's finances. Just like negotiating your overdraft fees or interest rates, Trim's team will also negotiate your medical bills. This includes the payment terms, the balances, and the interest rates on your outstanding medical bills balances.

Trim Pay: Save On Credit Card Interest

Trim Pay helps you manage your credit card debt by setting up automatic regular payments. This lets you stay on top of your payments, while also lowering the amount you pay towards interest.

How? Trim will set aside a weekly amount of money in your “card payment fund.” From that fund they will pay your credit card for you once per month. Rather than having to worry about a larger payment to make last minute, this lets you set aside smaller amounts regularly so that you have the money available when the payment is due.

Get Up To 4% Back with Trim Savings

Trim also helps you save more money automatically. By linking your bank account, you can set up automatic savings transfers to a Trim FDIC savings account that earns up to 4% per year on your savings balance. You are able to withdraw your money anytime you need it without any problems or fees.

Subscription Monitoring

Now days subscriptions seem to be the norm when it comes to paying for wanted or needed services. It's not uncommon for people to have multiple subscriptions to things like TV, news, smartphone apps, music, and anything in between.

Many begin finding they have subscriptions to services they haven't used in ages but are still paying for. Trim subscription monitoring lets you see all your subscriptions in one location so you can responsibly manage them all and get rid of the ones you no longer need or use.

Trim Financial Coaching

When you sign up for Trim, you get access to one of their financial coaches who have professional experience and expertise in personal finance topics.

If you have questions that you can't seem to find the answer to, need some additional guidance on building a budget, or want advice on how to pay off your debt quicker, you can set up a quick phone call to help address your financial needs.

Premium Partners Savings Deals

Some people may not be familiar with which resources are trustworthy to help you and your finances. Trim has partnered with some reputable finance companies and tools to give you additional guidance with your money.

From car insurance savings to getting your paycheck earlier, lowering your student loan bills and even saving on your power bill, they've got a list of partners to help you out if they can't do it themselves.

Who Is Trim For & Is It Worth It?

Trim will best suit people who are motivated to improve their financial situation. Whether you're looking to save on fees, pay off debt, improve your budget or manage your bills, then Trim can be a very helpful solution to accelerate your progress.

They offer a 14-day free trial, and then will charge $99 per year to access all the services. So, the ultimate answer to this question is whether you believe they can save you more than $99 or not. If they can, then your money will be well spent!