Did you know that you can make extra money online doing what you already do daily? Cashback websites will pay you up to 20% or more cashback just for shopping at major retail stores through a cashback website. Major retailers like Walmart and Amazon and thousands more have partnered with major cashback websites like TopCashback.com

TopCashback is one of the largest cashback websites that has partnered with thousands of retailers to help customers get free cashback just for setting up an account. That means you make money doing what you already do daily, no extra job or side hustle, just set up a free account.

This article is going to give you an in depth review of the TopCashback website. My goal is to help you determine if its worth the free account, or if there are better options out there.

How Do Cashback Websites Work? – Why It's Important To Know


It's important that you understand how cashback websites work in order to determine if TopCashback is a good option. Why? You will see once you understand how these cashback sites can give you free money.

Cashback websites work to partner with as many of the worlds largest retailers. They then promote these retailers through their websites and online networks, generating traffic to the partnered retail company. When a customer that was referred to a major retailer by the cashback website, and that customer makes a purchase, then the cashback website earns a commission on the sale for referring new customers.

TopCashback is one of these major cashback companies, and they have one of the most generous cashback programs of them out there. They give back at least 100% of the commissions that they earn from their partnered retailers back to its customers. Other companies will only give you a portion of the commission, and keep the difference for themselves.

See why its important to know how cashback websites work? So you can know which one gives you the most generous offers.

What you get as a TopCashback member

As mentioned above, TopCashback gives its members 100% of the commission they earn from their partner retailers. On top of that, there are multiple other benefits of working with TopCashback like:

  • Access to added discount coupons that can be used in conjunction with the cashback offers
  • User friendly mobile app that allows you to use coupons and cashback deals in-store as well
  • Cashback is paid out directly to your bank account, PayPal account or Amazon account
  • Ability to request your cash at any point in time. No more waiting for the next payout date for your money
  • No payout minimum thresholds
  • Over 4,380 stores including Groupon, Walmart, Best Buy, E-bay, GiftCards.com, Restaurant.com, Overstock.com, Bloomingdale's and many others.

Is TopCashback safe to use?

Seeing that TopCashback already has over 8 million members, and work with some of the largest retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and many others listed above, its safe to say they are a very safe and credible company to work with.

Who are some major competitors to TopCashback?

In researching cashback websites, its good to know who the competitors are so you can make sure you get the best deal. Some well-known major competitors to TopCashback are:

Each cashback website may have different deals with different retailers. It's not a bad idea to sign up for them all seeing they are all FREE to create an account, and some even pay you a quick bonus just for setting up your account.

With TopCashback you can be comfortable knowing you get the full commission paid right to you, none kept for the company. Their focus is on their customers, and they make their money through small advertisements throughout their company.

Is TopCashback worth it?

With their free account setup, their promise to pay the highest commissions, and the ability to use cashback both online and in store with additional coupons, I'd say its worth the free account setup. If used regularly, that's an extra few hundred bucks potentially each month for doing what you already do daily.

==> Click here to set up your free TopCashback account

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