What is a fail proof way to get good organic traffic to your website? You guessed it, search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is simply optimizing your website in such a way that search engines will be able to find you when listing websites for common searches.

This is done through many different strategies like relevant content, website backlinks, sources used, and most importantly, SEO keyword research. I'm going to show you how to use the top SEO keyword research tool to get targeted website traffic consistently.

What to look for in a valuable SEO keyword research tool

Yeah, I know, you can use Google Adwords to do some basic keyword research to get the potential search volume. But is that really enough to help you really target specific keywords and audiences? Not really.

A good keyword research tool will have more than just the search volume for keywords. A few things to look for are:

  • Are the keywords updated regularly? or are they outdated data…
  • How much competition does that particular keyword have?
  • What are some similar phrases that are popular searches?
  • How does your website rank for that specific keyword in major search engines?
  • What keywords and phrases are the top websites listed including to win the page 1 search rankings?
  • How densely is your competition using the targeted keywords?
  • How much estimated traffic can you expect from targeted keywords?
  • What is an overall SEO score given all the above questions?

Answers to those questions gives you a huge advantage over your competition, resulting in your website ranking on the first page of major search engines for many search terms.

What is the top SEO keyword research tool?

The top keyword research tool to aid you in getting your targeted website traffic is Jaaxy.com. Jaaxy was made with the online entrepreneur in mind, allowing every website access to the most relevant information when performing keyword research.

Unlike other keyword tools, Jaaxy will give you answers to every question listed above and than some. You get the ability to have a one stop shop when performing keyword research on common terms you want to target. When done properly, no doubt you will be on the first page of Google rankings quickly.

The whole idea of search engine optimization is to get search engines to notice you and your relevancy to the targeted keywords, and with the aid of Jaaxy, success is inevitable.

Benefits you get when using Jaaxy keyword research tool

When you perform a common search to target keywords in your website niche, you will get a few different immediate results giving you detailed input and volumes of that term.

Along with the overall average number of times that term is searched in a given month, you will see 6 other columns with detailed data. They are:

  • Keyword – gives you the phrase you searched for, along with many other similar phrases and ideas to consider
  • Avg. – Referring to the average number of searches for that keyword and other similar keywords
  • Traffic – the amount of estimated traffic you can expect to your website if ranked for that keyword
  • QSR – “Quoted Search Results”, or the number of competing websites for that keyword
  • KQI – “Keyword Quality Indicator”, signaling poor, normal or great in terms of the number of searches to how many competitors there are
  • SEO – An overall search engine optimization score given all the information above.

I've included a free to use snippet of Jaaxy's keyword search tool below. Pick a keyword or a few keywords you would like to target that falls within your website niche, and enter it into the search box below to see the keyword research results.

A best practice is to target the “low hanging fruit” keywords. In other words, if you can find a keyword that is relevant, has a decent amount of search volume and potential traffic, but a low amount of competition, you've found a golden nugget! Personally I try to find keywords that have the highest average search volume, with at least 50 – 100 potential visitors each month, and the lowest QSR (competition) being below 200.

Keyword research done properly equals more traffic & more MONEY

When doing research on targeting traffic to your website, you can see how just looking for search volume may potentially get you nowhere and attract no visitors. Why? Because you don't have the whole picture. You could be targeting keywords that have 1,000,000+ searches each month, but did you also know that keyword has over 500 competitors?

Chances are you won't see your page ranked in Google for a long time to come. That's why thorough keyword research is essential, and none other than the Jaaxy keyword research tool gives you the ability to do just that.

==> Try Jaaxy keyword research tool for free here

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