Entrepreneurship Books That Will Teach You To Be Successful

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and without the help of experts who have walked the walk, it would be even harder.  That's why I created a list of the top entrepreneur books that have helped me immensely in understanding and persevering the road less traveled.


The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy, founder of Success Magazine and best selling author, inspires ambitious entrepreneurs with his firsthand experiences as an entrepreneur.  He describes the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, and how to keep proper prospective and overcome obstacles.

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Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck is a motivating entrepreneur with numerous multi-million dollar businesses.  His book "Crushing It!" reveals his tips and tricks to growing your brand, increasing your popularity and building a loyal following for your successful business.

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Rich 20 Something by Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel DiPiazza is the owner of the popular blog Rich20Something.com.  On the first page of his website his tagline is "For A Generation of Entrepreneurs, Artists & Leaders Doing Work That Matters." That pretty much sums up his book.  He shares personal experiences on how he grew his business to wild success.

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Unscripted by MJ DeMarco

In Unscripted, MJ DeMarco paints a unique picture as to how the culture of making money today is completely wrong if you want to achieve massive success.  Unscripted tells you what no one else is on how to grow your million dollar business and why the cultural norm is only a map to failure.

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6 Months To 6 Figures by Peter Voogd

Peter Voogd is labeled the "leading authority for Gen Y leadership." Peter has built an 8 million dollar sales organization by the age of 27, and in his book "6 Months To 6 Figures" he reveals the strategies he uses to achieve entrepreneurial success.

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The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

MJ DeMarco (also author of the book "Unscripted" listed above), explains why it doesnt have to take a full 40 year career to become a millionaire.  He paints a clear picture of the path one needs to follow to achieve millionaire status.  There is no such thing as "get rich easy" but you can "get rich quick."

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The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

Michael Gerber, known as "The Worlds #1 Small Business Guru", details the importance of creating processes for your business.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners' main focus should be to "manage processes, not people." By plugging people into proven processes, your business is set for success.

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Launch by Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker patented a proven formula to launch any business to startup success.  He details his proven process and lays out step by step how to successfully market, prepare your audience and launch any business and achieve thousands in sales within the first days of startup.

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Finish by Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff's inspiring book Finish details the psychology behind persistence towards your entrepreneur goals.  Most people focus on getting started but most people also never finish what they started.  Here is what you will achieve and the potential success you will have by "Giving Yourself the Gift of Done."

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The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Why work a 40+ hour work week for 40 years to maybe have enough money to retire?  Timothy Ferriss shows how you can choose to retire much earlier and create a real "4-Hour Work Week" and make more money then you ever have.  The old 9-5 job is a thing of the past.

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