Often times the hardest part about determining whether a program or platform online is worth any money, is finding out whether they are the real deal, or whether they are another quick hype to make a fast dollar off of you.

I have often fell for a lot of those well worded campaigns to get you to sign up “quick because this deal may not last”. In this case, we're going to review and discuss whether the Six Figure Mentors falls into the category of “an attempt to make a quick buck from you” category, or whether they are a helpful program with real value.

The Six Figure Mentors Review

Website: www.TheSixFigureMentors.com

Product Description: Online training platform that teaches small business owners and new entrepreneurs how to make money online and grow their business online.

Owners: Stu & Jay

Price: Multiple options

  • Affiliate Access: Free
  • Student Access: $25/month limited access
  • Essential Membership: $297 Start-up fee, then $97/month thereafter
  • Elite Membership: $2,500/year

Who is it for?: Anyone looking for information to build an online business, particularly in affiliate marketing

My Overall Rating: 7/10 (good training's, but lacks some important aspects)

What is the Six Figure Mentors?

Stu & Jay, the owners of the Six Figure Mentors are entrepreneurs that became frustrated with all the training's and resources offered to grow a business. Why were they frustrated? Because they seemed to keep getting more training's, reading more blogs, etc on growing businesses online, yet to find they didn't help them progress.

Stu & Jay aimed to create a platform that had everything in one place with expert training's from people who have actually walked the walk and been where you are or may be right now. They focus on how important the power of learning from a mentor that has been in your shoes before, and built their online platform with this as the foundation.

Their platform offers hundreds of training's and videos, access to a large community and expert help to grow your business online to eventually produce six figures, thus “the Six Figure Mentors”.

The Six Figure Mentors – What is SFM?

What will you learn and get access to as a member of SFM?

One of the owners frustrations was not having everything you need in one location, as well as a lack of credible training's and resources. To sum up what you get access to as a member of SFM, you will have hundreds of training's via video, live seminars & events, text, and one-to-one coaching.

But do they really offer everything you need for an online business? After some in depth research and trying things out for myself, I will say there is a lack of tools needed for those wanting to build an online business.

They provide you with all the tools and resources for one to promote their program, along with pre made and ready to go banner ads, and sales funnels. But nothing more then training's and some resources to promote THEIR program.

So when all is said and done, really all you get access to is the training's from people who say they have “walked the walk” and been in your shoes before. I agree there is power in that, but it seems to me that their “walk” was the selling to you their training platform.

Free Guide To Building A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business ⇐

What the Six Figure Mentor program lacks:

In my eyes, one of the most difficult things about growing a business online is first the learning curve, and second, knowing which tools are good to use and not good to use. Which ones work, which ones are all the successful online entrepreneurs using?

There are a lot of moving parts to an affiliate marketing business that would be helpful in growing your business.  Email marketing, content creation resources, an actively engaged community, etc. are all vital parts of an affiliate marketing startup business.

I agree they have a wealth of content and training's, but they lack access to some vital resources.

“Yeah, but, is there really a company that offers EVERYTHING you need out there?”

Yes. I'll explain further down.

Who will benefit the most from the Six Figure Mentor program?

The target market for this program are anyone wanting to brush up their skills to building businesses online. The main focus will be affiliate marketing, with some added info on ecommerce type businesses and brand awareness online.

If you fall into any of those interests or categories, SFM may be a good option. Here's the problem: the price is way too much for anyone with an idea or desire to build a start-up to come up with. Take a look:

Notice that even for the “Elite Membership” that you first must purchase the “Essential Membership” which means its $2,500/year plus the cost of the Essential Membership.

Not sure about you but when I start a new business, and especially when I need start-up capital, its difficult to squeeze out an extra few bucks for lunch! This makes it very difficult to afford for the new online business owner or start up business entrepreneur.

So what's the difference between the 4 membership options? Nothing more then added training's, and access to live events or one on one coaching.

Does the SFM training's really work?

For anyone wanting to grow an online business and has the desire to put in hard work, there are multiple training's out there that have lead people to success. The Six Figure Mentors program has multiple claims of online businesses growing and succeeding from their program.

For the price they charge, I sure hope their help is going to aid someone in succeeding for the long run. But don't let that be the deciding factor when determining if they are right for you or not. Because like I said, there are multiple companies out there that teach online business, and what you want is one that provides the following:

  • Expert training's & resources
  • Engagement & help from a large community
  • Access to experts and mentors themselves
  • Access to websites, web hosting services, email services, content creating tools, SSL certificates (site security), as well as updated and ongoing webinars, live events, and blog posts/training's regularly.
  • Not a company that is focused on up-selling you their next most expensive product
  • Offers a free trial to test out everything for yourself
  • Has a feeling of sincere desire to help and not to sell you more product

The Six Figure Mentors program covers about the first 2 or 3 bullet points above. But as briefly mentioned before, they lack a few things that would make their program much more competitive.

The Best Online Business Training's & Resource

What's the best alternative to SFM?

I have yet to find a company that provides a better training, tools, resources, engaged community, and over delivery of their product/service than Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that teaches anyone wanting to make money online how to do so properly, AND they give you full access to every tool and resource you need to do so.

Their 1,000,000+ active community (and growing rapidly) speaks for itself when saying they have truly provided a valuable product & service for online entrepreneurs.

They even offer a full access free for lifetime version of their product, and a paid premium version with ZERO UPSELLS like all the other companies emphasize. They focus on the cold raw process of growing a business online in any industry, without the need for any startup cost or prior experience.

==> Click here for my full review of Wealthy Affiliate University

My advice, is watch out for programs that claim to make you millions of dollars online rapidly, and especially those that try to up sell you on every member page. That is a sign that they are just trying to make some money off of you.

The real companies that provide intrinsic value will show in the numbers, the popularity, and how long members actually stay. Some members of Wealthy Affiliate have been a member for over 10+ years. That's saying something.

What other tools, training's & resources have you found valuable or deceitful when growing your online business? Post your questions, comments & concerns below!