“Think you don't have time, money or experience to start your own business? Then read this book.” – The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy.

Darren Hardy is one of my favorite success coaches, authors and motivational speakers, and am yet mind blown again by his amazing book “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.”  Here is a detailed review of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy and a brief summary of what you'll learn inside.

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Book Review

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy Book Review
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Book Title: The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Why Now Is The Time To #JoinTheRide

Author: Darren Hardy – New York Times Bestselling Author

Genre: Non-fiction: Entrepreneurship

Publication Date: March 3, 2015

Number of Pages: 272 pages

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Topic Summary: Learn how to overcome the common entrepreneur obstacles, stay motivated, and achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Darren Hardy is the publisher of the popular magazine “Success Magazine” and long time author and entrepreneur.  In his book The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, he tells the story of what it's like to be an entrepreneur from firsthand experience, and how to overcome the common objectives that you will inevitably face.

Some of the main topics discussed are:

  • Why now is the time to jump on the “roller coaster” of being an entrepreneur
  • Finding out where you should start as an entrepreneur
  • How to find the strength to overcome the entrepreneur obstacles
  • How to build a successful sales machine for your business
  • Common mistakes that will cost you a lot of money and time
  • How leadership can set the pace for being a successful entrepreneur
  • The four keys to entrepreneur success
  • Important “do's and don'ts” of being an entrepreneur
  • and much more…

Biggest Takeaways From The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Among the many topics covered by Darren Hardy, some of them stand out to be a foundation for anyone willing to #jointheride as an entrepreneur.  Here are my biggest takeaways from The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.

The most important factor in building a successful business

“The first and most important factor in building a successful business is that you have to love it.” – Darren Hardy

You will get mixed emotions and responses from different people on this idea.  Some will say that it doesn't matter if you love what you are doing or not, what matters is if it has a market or potential to make money.

Darren Hardy, however, makes a strong argument on the importance of doing something you love when taking the leap to become an entrepreneur.  If you don't, how will you stay motivated when the inevitable obstacles arise?

How to determine if you are doing great work

“If all the people around you are happy with you, you are not doing great work.  Progress is disruption and change.” – Darren Hardy

Ever notice that the most successful people in this world are almost always the ones that get the most haters? While this isn't ALWAYS the case, it does seem to be a common theme.  The point is, great work includes doing things different, and creating a new path and vantage point.

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Darren Hardy teaches you how to do this in greater detail and motivation, allowing you to start thinking outside of the box when building your entrepreneur business.

How to grow your business the right way

“Your business will only be as good as the people you recruit to join it.” – Darren Hardy

One of the hardest parts of growing a successful business is finding people that share the same vision and values that you do for the direction of your company.

This is something I can attest to from firsthand experience.  To add to that, statistically, one of the biggest costs of running a business (if not the biggest cost) is the money that goes into recruiting, hiring and training good employees.

In The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, you will learn how to find the right type of people to grow your business to massive success.

The big secret to getting it all done

“The big secret of how to get it all done? Don't.  Just do the vital functions (amazingly well) and build a great team who are excellent at the rest.” – Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy lays out how to just do the vital functions.  He lays out the important focal points of your business success and what they mean such as:

  1. Your vital functions
  2. Your vital priorities
  3. Your vital metrics
  4. Your vital improvements

Each of the above vitals are important focal points that you as an entrepreneur and business owner should be very focused on.  In The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster, Darren Hardy will teach you how to do just that, and how to maintain focus for your growing business.

How to conquer fear as an entrepreneur

“It's the fear of fear you fear.  The fear itself hurts more than the thing you are scared of.” – Darren Hardy

Darren lays out the six brain hacks to conquer fear.  With these six brain hacks, you will better understand how fear works, and how to overcome it every day.

Understanding the psychology behind the obstacle of fear is almost as important as anything else in your business.  The six brain hacks to conquer fear are:

  1. Get real
  2. It's the fear of fear you fear
  3. Twenty seconds of courage
  4. Focus on tasks, not outcomes
  5. Habituate yourself to fear
  6. Making fear and failure fun

Each brain hack is discussed in great detail showing you how to implement each principle in your entrepreneurial career.

Why You Should Read “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” by Darren Hardy

If you're a small business owner, creative minded individual, salesman, designer, or anyone seeking greater happiness and success in business and in your career, then you will benefit from reading The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.

Darren Hardy brings motivation, entrepreneurship and success to the table in an open and sincere way that results in you having a broader vision of how to be successful.

I've read The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster twice, and plan to read it again to continue to implement his timeless teachings for creating the life you want through entrepreneurship.

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