Affiliate marketing is the referring of other companies products and services to your website viewers, in return for a commission of any sales your customers make. This is done through inserting partner company affiliate links within your website content, resulting in your visitors clicking through to your recommended product or service.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing websites out there that will aid you in this process, but not all affiliate marketing programs pay the same commission rates. I'm going to show you the best affiliate marketing programs for your online home business. My hope is to help you build your affiliate marketing business by using the best programs and websites in the industry.

What is an affiliate marketing program?

The hard part about affiliate marketing can be keeping track of all your affiliate links from each individual company you want to promote on your website. Luckily, there are a few industry leaders that have made this much easier by allowing you to gather and store all your affiliate marketing links and commissions in one location.

The following companies are the best affiliate marketing programs that I trust and recommend.

The Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

Skip using these companies at your own risk. They will make your life a lot easier and your online home business much more profitable.

Flex Offers

Flex Offers is one of the largest “umbrella” affiliate marketing companies in the industry and has partnered with over 11,000 well-known retailers around the world. Their approval process to get affiliate links seems to be much smoother and quicker than other companies. If I were to choose one company to start with, Flex Offers would be that company.

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Commission Junction

Similar to Flex Offers, Commission Junction has been around for ages as well. Their retailers are many and it has been said that of the 500 largest retailers, Commission Junction has over 65% of the market for affiliate marketing links. I will say the approval process for new affiliate marketers seems to be a bit harder and longer process.

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VigLink is a newer and more modern affiliate marketing company. They have developed a way to make affiliate marketing even easier for bloggers and website owners. Rather than having to apply for each individual company to receive an affiliate link, they simply have you insert a snippet of code to your website, then scan the entire website on a regular basis. They then insert affiliate links for you to any and every company that has an affiliate program. Commissions are paid through the VigLink account.

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Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliates is the affiliate program for You can sign up as an affiliate for a free account, then you get access to their entire product mix, and can promote any product on your website. The nice thing with Amazon Affiliates is the number of products you are able to promote. The downside is their commissions are relatively lower than other companies. They usually pay up to around 10% of the sales. You do get however a 24-hour period that you will get paid for everything your referred customer purchases, whether it be the product you referred or a different one.

==> Click here to start your free Amazon Affiliates account

Rakuten (LinkShare)

Rakuten falls in the same category as Commission Junction and Flex Offers. They have been around for years. They partner with big retail companies like Best Buy and thousands of others. Their approval process is a bit strict as well, making the turnaround time to get new affiliate links a bit slower. Their commission rates are pretty much industry standard with any other affiliate marketing company.

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ClickBank is unique in that its an affiliate marketing company but just works with digital products. This includes training courses, ebooks, video courses, etc. They are great for referring online courses, but the downside to ClickBank is I have found a lot of their products are get-rich-quick companies claiming to sell people programs that will make them millionaires tomorrow (not all the products are like that, but a lot of them are).

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Which ones should you work with?

Eventually I'd say it's not a bad idea to create your free account with all the above. However to keep things simple, start with Flex Offers and VigLink. Those two will give you the quickest response on getting affiliate links, and have the largest variety of products. As your website or blog grows, then I'd consider adding the others to the mix.

I hope you have found this helpful in making your online home business more effective and profitable. What affiliate marketing companies have you found to be helpful for your website? Post your comments below!