UPDATE: Swell Investing Is Now Discontinued And No Longer Exists

Now days there are multiple options to choose from when determining how to invest in the stock market. Some allow you to put together your own portfolio and even get paid when others invest, others allow you to invest in ideas rather than companies.

Swell Investing allows you to invest in companies and projects that impact our planet for the better. This is known as “Impact Investing”.

If you're wondering whether Swell Investing is worth your time to consider, you've come to the right place. Here I'll show you a detailed review of Swell Investing, along with frequently asked questions and common “how to's” with the Swell Investing platform.

What Is Swell Investing?

Swell Investing is a stock market investment platform where one can open up a regular brokerage account, a Roth IRA, traditional IRA or SEP IRA account. The company is backed by Pacific Life, a leading life insurance and financial planning company.

Swell Investing has a unique approach to investing in the stock market. The investment strategy used with Swell is called “Impact Investing”, which means investing in companies that aid in bettering our planet through projects such as promoting green energy, clean water, zero waste, disease cures and prevention's, and other similar healthy planet promotions.

How Does Swell Investing Work?

You may be asking “how do you invest in global challenge's such as clean water?” It's really not as complicated as it may initially sound.

Swell has put together multiple stock investment portfolios that are comprised of companies that support the respective “impact investment” project. If you want to contribute your investments to the growth of having cleaner water for our planet, you would choose to have a portion of your money invested into Swell's “Clean Water” portfolio.

These are not mutual funds, or ETFs (exchange traded funds), but rather a mix of individual stock companies that contribute to the respective cause.

Once you open your account with Swell, you can choose to invest your money among 6 different “impact investing” categories put together by Swell's investment professionals. The six categories are:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Tech
  • Disease Education
  • Clean Water
  • Zero Waste
  • Healthy Living

You can invest all your money into one category, or spread your investments out among multiple categories.

How does Swell Investing work?

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Why contribute to an “Impact Investing” investment strategy?

Our ever-changing planet continues to face new challenge's as time goes on. Along with those challenge's comes innovating companies that introduce new answers to improve the health of our environment and planet as a whole.

As population numbers increase worldwide, supplies to provide food, water and shelter for more people become smaller and smaller. This introduces a potential lack of supplies and real problems in the near future. While these challenge's are being addressed by large companies, this also introduces a great opportunity from an investment standpoint.

By investing in companies that are solving these global challenge's, investment growth and returns have potential to be very large and profitable.

Along with the large profit potential that impact investing introduces, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that your money is contributing to a great cause.

The answer now becomes, “why wouldn't you invest in impact investing strategies?”

what is impact investing?

Not only is the potential to achieving large returns through impact investing possible, but its also got a great track record of growth. See the screenshots below of some of the returns on Swell Investing portfolios:

Swell Investing Healthy Living Portfolio ROI
Swell Investing Disease Eradication Portfolio ROI
Swell Investing Renewable Energy Portfolio ROI
Swell Investing Zero Waste Portfolio ROI
Swell Investing Clean Water Portfolio ROI
Swell Investing Green Tech Portfolio ROI

Swell Investing FAQs

You may have some questions by now about Swell Investing.  Below are a list of FAQs and their respective answers:

Is there a minimum balance requirement? Is there a minimum account opening deposit?

  • The minimum required to begin investing with Swell is $50. You can still open up an account, but you need at least $50 to begin investing your money into the impact investment portfolios.

Are there any associated fees with a Swell Investment account? If so, what are they?

  • Like all brokerage and investment companies, there are minor fees associated with each account. If your account balance is $50, Swell charges you just $0.37 per year (yes you heard that right, PER YEAR). If your investment account balance is $500, Swell charges you just $3.75 per year. You do the math.
  • Note that this is significantly less than a regular brokerage account. Common brokerage accounts charge $9.99+ per investment transaction, despite the dollar amount, and then a percentage per year fee on top of that.

How long does it take to transfer money from my bank to my Swell Investment account?

  • Once you link your bank account to your Swell Investment account, you can transfer money directly from your bank and have it invested as early as the next stock market open.

Are there any fees associated with transferring money to and from your bank account to your Swell Investment account?

  • No fees are associated in transferring money to and from your bank account to your Swell investing account.

Is Swell Investing a safe and trusted company to invest with?

  • Absolutely! As previously mentioned, Swell Investing is backed by Pacific Life, a life insurance and financial planning company with a strong track record of over 150 years. Being backed by a company with that kind of track record should give you peace of mind that you're dealing with trusted experts.
Is Swell Investing safe to invest with?

How to set up your Swell Investing account

Account setup takes only 5 minutes max, and you're ready to begin investing in a great cause. Follow these steps below to set up your Swell Investing account.

1 – Click this link here to be taken to Swell Investing.  Click “Sign Up” in the upper right-hand corner.

2 – Enter your first and last name, email address and create a password.

3 – On the following screen, click “Complete Profile”. You will be asked a series of questions that are required by regulations of the investment industry.

4 – Lastly, complete the last steps by creating your desired mix of investments and linking your bank account.