Who doesn't like coupons, cashback, gift cards, etc.? Now days, companies like Swagbucks.com claim to allow you to make money in the form of cashback or gift cards doing regular tasks online.

These tasks range from watching funny videos, taking free surveys, searching the web about specific topics, playing games, etc. And they claim to pay you for doing this?! Sound too good to be true? Read on.

My intent is to reveal what Swagbucks is, and to help you determine if Swagbucks is another scam company, or a legitimate business that has created a win-win opportunity.

What is Swagbucks.com?

Swagbucks.com is an online marketing company that will pay you to do regular tasks online that you already do hours on end each day.

They reward you with a point system for completing certain activities online, and those points can then be turned in for cashback of gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart to name a few.

Some of the online activities they reward their customers to do are:

  • Answer online surveys
  • Shop online at major retailers
  • Watch online videos
  • Play online games
  • And even print off coupons from coupon websites!

These are just a few ways Swagbucks pays it's free members. Ever heard of a cashback website that will give you discounts to print off even more discounts (coupons)? Me neither. Until Swagbucks came along! Sound too good to be true? Let's find out.

How does Swagbucks make money?

There has to be a catch somewhere though, right? How does Swagbucks make money by allowing you and me to take online surveys and shop at stores we already shop at?

Great question! Allow me to explain.

Major retailers, or any company for that matter, are bloodhounds for new customers. New customers equal more money, and thus a pay raise or year-end bonus you dream about. Most companies pay a huge portion of their budget on marketing and getting more customers to their business.

Swagbucks is just another way of marketing for any company looking for added sales and customers. Here is exactly how it works:

  1. Swagbucks attracts millions of free members and customers to their website
  2. These members get access to thousands of great deals, cash back, opportunities to do activities online, etc. all in one place, and get paid to do it.
  3. When a Swagbucks customer decides they want to get 10% cashback by shopping at Walmart online, they click the link within their Swagbucks account and are taken to Walmart's website.
  4. The Swagbucks customer then makes a few purchases
  5. Walmart then pays Swagbucks a small commission of the sales that customer made, for referring that customer to their store.
  6. Swagbucks then takes that commission they've just earned from Walmart, and distributes a small portion back to you, the Swagbucks member.

Make sense? Swagbucks also makes additional income through advertising space on their website. When all is said and done, it's a win-win situation.  It's a win for the major retail companies like Walmart because they get new traffic to their store.  It's a win for Swagbucks because they get a commission for referring buying customers, and it's a win for the customers because they get a discount on products purchased when using the Swagbucks link to the retail store.

The process is the exact same for taking surveys, watching videos, playing video games. It's all just another way for businesses to get more eyes on their new videos or games, so they pay a company like Swagbucks to market their new video or game to have it's members try it out, and Swagbucks pays it's members for doing so.

Can you make any real money with Swagbucks?

Now that you understand the process to how a cashback company like Swagbucks works, it may be worth quitting your day job to work from home full time playing games, right?! Hold on there..

While Swagbucks is fantastic for getting discounts and making a little extra money, it isn't a full time income you should count on. And I definitely wouldn't recommend it for a way to support your family on.

With a few extra hours per week, however, you can expect to make a maybe a few hundred dollars per month if you are dedicated.

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Is Swagbucks a scam or legit?

I think it's safe to say with confidence that Swagbucks definitely gets my approval. Swagbucks is a legitimate company, that is really worth signing up for if you're looking for some quick cash. Because hey, who wouldn't like a little extra cash back here and there? It can add up over time.

The best part is, they will even pay you a $5 sign on bonus just for creating your free account! Easiest 5 bucks I ever made.

While Swagbucks has paid it's members millions of dollars cash back, it's not a company I recommend you focus on generating a stream of income with. It's more of a coupon site with a twist. Is it worth signing up for? Absolutely. It's free, so it couldn't hurt, plus you get $5!

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