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What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

I'm willing to bet that 99.999999...% of you have at least one email address. Am I right? In fact, many of us have multiple email addresses. I'm also willing to bet that of those that have an email address, you check it at least once or twice per day. Right again? Do you see the potential opportunities created through email marketing?

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing: Everything You Need To Know


Email Marketing Basics

Is email marketing a thing of the past? Absolutely not.  Before email, people used the post office.  Now, nearly 265 billion emails are sent per day (according to a study done for the average emails per day in 2017).

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that consists of gathering new email addresses of your customers, with intentions of marketing your business to your audience on a more engaged and personal level.  This allows a business to help their customers, keep them updated on new products, services and how to's, and ultimately results in bring in more money for your company.

How does email marketing work?

Don't confuse email marketing with buying a list of email addresses and randomly sending out thousands of emails to this unknown list.  That's called SPAM, and its against the law.

Email marketing is more providing a service and sincerely helping your client, in exchange for them giving you their email address and giving you consent to send them occasional follow up messages.

A basic process for a business to capture emails and market to them regularly is laid out below:

  1. Business ABC attracts internet traffic to their blog or landing page through SEO strategies or PPC ads.
  2. Customers who performed a search online find Business ABC's web page or blog post in their search results, and clicks on it.
  3. Business ABC provides guidance and help related to the customers search query.
  4. Business ABC offers a free guide, template, ebook, or something of the like in exchange for the customers email address.
  5. The customer is asked to confirm their email and the receipt of occasional messages from Business ABC.
  6. Business ABC sends helpful advice, tips and tricks related to the original search topic, and occasionally introduces a helpful product or service that may be of value to the customer.
  7. Customer opens email and clicks link to helpful product or service, and makes a purchase.
  8. Business ABC made a sale, and helped out another valued customer.

The most attractive aspect of building an email list, is that it is an audience that you have full control over in terms of marketing opportunities.  Its an already interested customer or potential customer, and you can send them marketing material at your convenience, rather than depending on search engines to rank your website on the first pages.

When done right, an engaged email list can literally be a money making machine.

Why build an email list

Imagine if you had an email list of 100,000 confirmed emails.  Every time your business comes out with a new product or service, you have 100,000 people readily available to you to market to immediately.  And these aren't just any consumer, these are customers and potential buyers who have already showed interest in your company.  If that's not reason enough to build your email list, here are a few more benefits of growing an email list:

  • It allows you to make updates, corrections and communications that are important for your customers to know about.
  • Its marketing that is paid for once in the form of time or money (writing a blog post or paying for PPC ads), and can be used time and time again.
  • It allows you to impact more people in a positive way.
  • It provides a backbone for your online business traffic.  Search engines have been known to change algorithms, causing large decreases in traffic.  Not email traffic though! That traffic is monitored by you.
  • It allows you to gather more insight from your customers directly, allowing you to customize and perfect your product or service to the needs of your audience.  Send questions, surveys and request feedback and get priceless input from the people that really matter...your customers.
  • Is your company growing and you need to fill new positions? You have a large list of engaged customers that may have your next best hire.

The list could go on and on!  The point is, a well built email list allows you to engage directly with customers who are already interested in your company, and allows you to keep communication and engagement healthy.

Learn the best email marketing strategies from the experts

Anik Singal is an online entrepreneur who has had wild success building and growing online businesses.

His book "The Email Lifeline" is full of his top strategies of building and growing an email list the right way.

There aren't very many books on email marketing out there, and of the ones that are available, Anik Singal is the go to source that has a strong reputation online.

Learn more about his book "The Email Lifeline" on Amazon here.


The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

Reading I personally recommend for anyone wanting to grow their email list.

How To Make Money Online With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a stream of passive income that can be done with or without a website.  Having said that, if you currently do have a website, online business, or any small business in general, YOU NEED to be actively engaged in an email marketing process.

Why?  Because this is a way to make extra money with very little process management, and an easy way to keep your customers and audience engaged with your business.

What you need to get started with email marketing

There are a few things needed to get started to make money online with email marketing.  Here they are:

  • A niche/topic
  • A campaign name
  • Branded email address
  • Series of pre-written emails (minimum of 10 for each campaign)
  • An opt-in form
  • A free offer to get people to subscribe
  • A place to put the opt in forms such as a landing page or website

How do you make money email marketing?

You can make a lot of money email marketing in a very similar way that you make money from affiliate marketing.  In fact, it's no different, other than providing affiliate links within your emails.

By simply choosing a recommended product in a given niche or topic, you then create a basic landing page to direct traffic to.  As customers land on your landing page, they will be offered an awesome free product/service/content that will entice them to input their email address.

You will have a pre-written set of emails that will sequentially send to your subscribers, teaching them about a specific topic, and ultimately gaining their trust.

As your sequence of emails progresses, you then begin inserting affiliate links to recommended products within your niche and get paid a commission when your audience buys that product!

The email marketing software we use and trust

You will find a plethora of email marketing companies available today.  There are small differences between each of them.  Those small differences will either make or break your success in growing your list.

Among the many email marketing service providers we've worked with, ConvertKit has allowed us to grow our list without wasting time on frustrating usability.

ConvertKit keeps things simple and easy, and allows you to set up specific email sequences for each new email subscriber.

You can tag subscribers who click on certain links, allowing you to know and learn the interests of your readers.  This opens up a more personalized delivery and more potential profits for your business.

ConvertKit Email Marketing For Creators

Want to see if ConvertKit is a right fit for you?

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