How many hours do you think you have spent researching the proper keywords online to generate more website traffic? The most annoying thing about that is, after all that time and hard work spent researching, you quickly come to find that the keywords you chose aren't generating hardly ANY traffic at all.

That's time wasted and money lost. But when using a proper keyword research tool, you save hours of time, you get tons more traffic, and as a result you make a lot more money with your website.

Introducing Jaaxy, the worlds most customized and helpful keyword research tool, and my #1 keyword tool suggestion.

Here I'll give you a quick breakdown of what bloggers, website builders and business owners really want to know when researching keywords. I'll give a brief overview of Jaaxy, and help determine if it fits all the listed needs of anyone with an online business, and lastly ill even hook you up with a free tutorial search to test it out for yourself.

What makes a good keyword research tool?

The whole point of researching keywords is so that you can determine which keywords are most often searched, and then utilize that knowledge to make sure your website gets found under your target keywords. But what does one look for when doing keyword research? Here are the top indicators to watch when researching keywords:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Number of competitors for that keyword
  • What websites are ranking for that keyword?
  • Overall benefit for search engine optimization

First and foremost, we want to target keywords that have a high amount of search volume. But if that keyword has 400+ competing websites, chances are it will be a long time before you ever get listed on page 1 of Google for that keyword.

That is why we also want to know how much competition there is for that keyword. If you find a keyword that has 10,000+ monthly searches, and only 5 competitors, you've just found the golden nugget to a TON of website traffic.

The problem with other keyword research tools is they don't give you the number of competitors you have to go up against. And if a tool gives you any info on the competition, it's normally a score out of 10 or 100 which just gives you an idea of how competitive it is, but still not enough detail.

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A good keyword tool will tell you the amount of competition you have for that keyword. This gives you a near perfect idea of whether your website is capable of ranking in major search engines any time soon for the given search.

If we can see our actual competitors to determine the content they talk about for said keyword, we get a great idea on how to show our competitive advantage in the content we introduce for the keyword.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool – My #1 Keyword Tool Suggestion

Jaaxy was originally created by two online entrepreneurs named Kyle and Carson. The reason they decided to create their own search engine tool was because they didn't like any of the other keyword tools out there. Why? Because none of them gave anything more than a basic search volume per month.

Jaaxy was created with the online business in mind. They knew what info would be helpful for any website, and built the worlds most helpful and trusted keyword research tool – Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Overview


Owners: Kyle & Carson

Product Description: Detailed keyword research tool that gives you helpful information needed to target relevant keywords for your website. The ultimate result of using Jaaxy is increased website traffic.

Pricing: Multiple Pricing Options (no contracts, cancel anytime, downgrade or upgrade membership at anytime)

  • Free: Limited access to available search results
  • Pro: $49/month (options to pay only $19/month if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Enterprise: $99/month – for expert online affiliate marketers and website owners. Every online business guru's dream.

My Overall Score of Jaaxy: 10/10

Why Jaaxy Trumps All Its Competitors

The above mentioned benefits to look for in a good keyword tool are just a few of what you get access to when using Jaaxy. Jaaxy passes the test of providing search results that are actually valuable. Here's an example of a searched keyword, and what each indicator means:

  • Avg. – this is the average amount of monthly searches for the named keyword
  • Traffic – This is the amount of traffic you can expect should you get ranked on the first couple pages of search engines for that keyword
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results – This is an indicator referring to the amount of competition
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator – this indicates the overall quality of the keyword
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization overall score based on the above indicators
  • Domains – this indicates whether that exact keyword is available as a domain name

The keyword I searched in this example was “best diet plan.”

How To Research Keywords For Your Blog

Along with those major key indicators of researching great keywords, you are also provided with some additional helpful information.

I've included a snippet of Jaaxy's keyword search tool below for you to test out for free. Type in whichever keyword you would like and see the results.

Additional Keyword Research Tools Only Accessible With Jaaxy

How nice would it be if you could do your keyword research, and finally determine which keyword phrase you will target in your next website page or post, and then be able to track your website rankings for that keyword among the major 3 search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo)?

Would it be nice to save tracked keywords to refer back to when writing on that topic? Or what if there was the ability to generate different suggestions for similar keywords aka brainstorm?

==> Click here to get started using Jaaxy's keyword research tools

Jaaxy's Site Ranking Tool

With Jaaxy's site ranking tool, you can save targeted keywords and review whether your website page/post is getting ranked within the top 10-20 pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Here's an example of a keyword I targeted on one of my other blogs:

Measure Your Website Ranking Status

The keyword I targeted was a long tail keyword – “The best way to save money for future purchases”

It shows my website ranks #4 with Google, #36 with Bing, and #30 with Yahoo. On the right side of the image I can see the actual search results of Google, Bing or Yahoo for that keyword, and if I were to scroll down some it would show my website highlighted in green to show how I appear in search engines.

Using the Alphabet Soup & Brainstorm Tools with Jaaxy

You may have heard people use the term “The Alphabet Soup Technique” when doing keyword research. What this is referring to is taking advantage of search engine predictive analytics tools.

Ever wonder how Google can almost guess what you are going to type in once you begin your search? The generated list of potential searches are based on Google's predictive analytics or highly searched terms that begin with the specific letters or words you are searching. Here's an example:

The Best Keyword Research Tool Available

The alphabet soup is referring to generating more ideas by typing the start of your keyword or phrase, and then type the letter “a” to see what predictive searches populate, then “b” and so on.

Jaaxy allows you to do all of this within the search tool to add convenience of having it all in one location.

Using the Brainstorm feature of Jaaxy

SEO With Keyword Research Tools
The brainstorm feature allows you to come up with added keyword search ideas. With every keyword you research, you will also get a sidebar column showing you related keywords, as well as brainstormed keywords (similar and relevant keywords to the one you typed in)

The keyword I searched in for this example was “make money“. As you can see you get a populated list of brainstorming ideas, and if I were to click on the “related” column it would show me a list of even more related topics to making money.

The long term benefits of using keyword tools like Jaaxy

When all is said and done, keyword research is one of THE most important ways of optimizing your website for search engines to find. If this is not done correctly, you end up wasting a lot of time and “would have earned” money.

Investing in a good keyword research tool like Jaaxy pays off time and time again with the added exposure to organic traffic that keeps coming back to your site and buying from you time and time again.