Swagbucks is one of the many cashback websites that will pay you in the form of gift cards or cash, to do everyday things you already do online. You can shop at major retailers online and earn points for every purchase you make. They even pay you to watch videos, search the web or take surveys online. As your points add up you can turn them in for gift cards or cash.

Sound too good to be true? It just may be. I'm going to give you the real Swagbucks review in hopes of helping you determine if Swagbucks is a scam, or if it's legit.

But for those of you looking for the quick run-down, here is the Swagbucks review summarized:

The Swagbucks Review

Website: www.Swagbucks.com

Product Description: cashback website that pays you in points to do online activities such as shopping, taking surveys, watching videos and even playing games. These points can then be turned in for cash or gift cards.

Price: Free to join (in fact you get $5 just for joining here)

My overall Swagbucks ranking: 7/10

What is Swagbucks.com?

(Get $5 just for signing up here for free)

Swagbucks.com pays you to perform various activities you already do online. These activities include things such as shopping at your favorite retailers, searching the web, finding deals online, watching videos, or answering survey's. As you perform various online activities, you build up points within your account that you can then turn in for gift cards or cash back.

Swagbucks claims to have already paid out over $252,874,969 in cash back and gift cards to it's members.

How does Swagbucks work?

Retailers are thirsty for new customers and traffic. When a company like Swagbucks partners with major retailers like Amazon or Walmart, the major retailers will pay Swagbucks a commission of any sales from customers referred to the retailers by Swagbucks. This is a big opportunity for retailers to tap into new customers and loyal members.

Swagbucks then turns around and pays it's members a small percentage of the commission that they earn from the major retailers. It's a win for the retailers, it's a win for Swagbucks, and it's a win for Swagbucks members because everyone gets paid more! The same process works for companies that are promoting surveys or promoting new videos, games, etc.

Can you really make any money with Swagbucks?

While the average amount you get back on taking surveys and watching videos may not be more than some change or a couple bucks, over time this really adds up. Chances are you already browse the internet a few hours per day on your smart phone, why not get paid for it?

Are there any Swagbucks success stories?

Here is what one member has to say about making money with Swagbucks:


So, can you really make money with Swagbucks? Yes. Can you make a full time income with Swagbucks? Not unless you can live on beans and rice. Swagbucks is best used when looking for something to do with your spare time and make a little extra money while doing it.

Are there other companies out there like Swagbucks?

Cashback websites have been around for ages. Some of them you may have heard about including:

These are just a few. When comparing Swagbucks to it's competition, I'd say they have a competitive advantage in that they pay you to do almost anything online, where most other cashback websites will only pay you to shop online. The downside however, is you may be able to get a larger percentage cashback if your just looking to shop online by working with companies like TopCashback, or Spent.

What are the pro's and con's of Swagbucks?

The Pro's:

  • You get a $5 bonus just for signing up for their free account
  • You get paid to do almost anything on the internet
  • You can shop at thousands of major retailers like Amazon or Walmart, and get cashback
  • Get paid to take surveys
  • Get paid to watch videos
  • Get paid to play games online

The Con's:

  • You get paid in points, which you then turn in for money. This can often result in less money paid out (in some cases)
  • Not able to earn points with in store purchases, everything is online
  • If you request cashback, you need to have a PayPal account (not necessarily a bad thing, but not ideal for everyone)

Is Swagbucks a scam or is it legit?


Swagbucks is a legit company offering various options to customers to receive cashback and save more money.

My personal opinion:

Swagbucks is a great place to start saving more money and making money online, but there may be better options out there. The amount of time you will spend to make less than minimum wage can be frustrating. However I will say it won't hurt to set up your free account to take advantage of their $10 offer just for setting up your account.

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