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A chalkboard that says "Options 101"

How To Invest In Options

Investing in options gives investors the opportunity to hedge their current portfolio positions and potentially maximize their profits. It can also be a sure way to a depreciating portfolio if not done right. Suffice it to say it's worth taking your time to understand how options work before getting your feet wet. If this sounds […]


Should I Buy Roku Stock?

The majority of you reading this that own a streaming media device will likely own a Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) – whether it be the Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, or the new Roku Soundbar or Streambar. Good investment opportunities often begin from being a loyal user of the product! If you're not a Roku […]


Motley Fool Stock Advisor VS Rule Breakers

The Motley Fool is a premium stock picking service that analyzes and recommends different stocks to buy and sell. To date, it's outperformed the S&P 500 returns by more than two times its return (sometimes more, depending on the premium service you subscribe to). They have had multiple premium content services over the years, two […]


10 Investing Platforms To Get Free Shares Of Stock

There are hundreds of dollars available in free stocks that require little to no effort at all! How? Modern investment apps are known for promoting their free accounts by offering free money when you sign up. The great thing is, there are no requirements other than signing up for an account, and in some cases […]


10 Stocks To Buy For Beginner Investors

Everyone has to start somewhere! For beginner investors, it’s determining what companies to add to their portfolio for maximum success. Yet, there is the fear of buying the wrong stock and losing your money! Rest assured, if you pick well-known companies with an excellent track record, the chances of you losing all your money on […]


How I Got 87% Return On My Stocks In 8 Months

If I told you that investing in stocks through a strict process could result in over 90% returns in just eight months, would you believe me? Would you follow my process? Well, that's what I've done, and I'm going to show you how. On March 20, 2020, I opened up an investment account with $250 […]


Robinhood VS. Fidelity: Which Is Better?

If it wasn't for Robinhood, we might not have had commission-free trades today. If it wasn't for Fidelity, we might not have had zero cost mutual funds. Robinhood is the pioneer of zero-commission trading, and Fidelity is a pioneer of zero cost mutual funds. Both make investing easier and more accessible than ever. One is […]


Is Zillow A Good Stock To Buy?

Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) used to be primarily a marketing platform for real estate agents to market and sell their listings. It has grown to be the “go-to” hub for real estate agents, homebuyers, home sellers, renters, and rental owners alike. So, is Zillow a good stock to buy? In 2019, Zillow released “Zillow Offers” – […]

Compare day trading and long term investing

Day Trading VS Investing: What's The Difference?

What's the difference between long term investing and day trading? In short, one is for the long term, and the other is very short term, usually with a time horizon of less than a week. One requires very detailed technical analysis, and the other focuses on fundamental analysis. One has a higher failure rate than […]

Not sure where to invest your money? Here are eight options to consider.

Not Sure What To Invest In? Here Are 8 Options

Different investments have different benefits, risks, and potential rewards. What you choose to invest your money in will largely determine your long term investing success. The best approach is to pick investment vehicles that you like, understand, and that suit your overall financial objective. What do I mean by that? Well, I may invest differently […]

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