Infinite Prosperity is an online training course and community that is dedicated to teaching its students how to make profitable trades in the Forex market. Not sure if they are worth giving a shot? Read my detailed review here from firsthand experience about the good and the bad of Infinite Prosperity Forex Trading Course.

What is Infinite Prosperity?

Infinite Prosperity was founded by an expert Forex trader named Lewis Mocker who grew up learning the in's and out's of profiting from the currency market. With help from experts, he learned how to spot potential currency market moves, aiding in making big profits.

As he learned and grew toward “expert status” in the forex trading world, he created an online educational course teaching students how to develop financial freedom.

In Infinite Prosperity's own words: “At Infinite Prosperity, our primary focus is on helping students achieve financial independence.”

Before you begin to learn the in's and out's of trading on the Forex market, their first lessons are focused on financial independence. They lay out in great detail how to achieve two stages of financial independence.

Summed up, if one is able to create passive income enough to pay for all of one's living expenses, they have achieved the status of “Infinite Prosperity”, hence the name.

What will you learn as a member of Infinite Prosperity?

The first stages of their training's are focused on achieving financial independence. How is this achieved? The equation used lays out the foundation for how they teach you to become financially independent:

  • Liquid Assets/(Expenses – Passive Income) = Prosperity

The four objectives to achieving financial independence are taught to be:

  1. Increase your liquid assets
  2. Reduce and control your expenses
  3. Passively invest each year
  4. Increase passive income

Before you get into learning how to trade on the Forex market, you will first learn how to increase your assets and reduce your expenses, while also how to invest in the stock market for the long term. Once you've completed these courses, the deep and easy to follow Forex trading courses begin. They teach that trading in the forex market can be a very great source of passive income when done correctly.

What benefits do Infinite Prosperity members get access to?

Aside from the wealth of knowledge, tutorials and training's, you also get access to some very helpful tools that aid in picking the right trades to perform. You get access to exclusive templates and statistical calculators that give you perspective in trading in the Forex market even when a few trades go bad.

The membership is a lifetime membership that gives you exclusive access to all their lessons and tools. The lessons and courses are about 10 lessons long (I say “about” because really there are about 13+ but a few of them are branches of a single lesson). This is enough content to keep you busy for months. So the content is rich and helpful, not a quick read.

There are a few different membership options for you to choose from with Infinite Prosperity:

  • Option 1: Free Membership – includes access to the first 2 courses taught
  • Option 2: Silver Membership – includes full access to all the courses, tools and resources for life
  • Option 3: Gold Membership – Includes everything from “Silver Membership” plus access to video content and live training sessions regularly.

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Are the Silver & Gold Memberships worth the cost? Absolutely. If you stick to the processes they lay out, you will easily make your money back along with added firsthand knowledge and experience. But if your unsure then start with their “Free Membership” to test the waters some and go from there.

Who is infinite prosperity for?

It'd be safe to say that Infinite Prosperity is primarily for anyone looking for a proven process to achieving financial independence. But to be honest and up front with you, those are only the first few lessons that are taught. They are basic and easy to use processes to follow, allowing you to progress towards achieving financial freedom.

The majority of the courses are focused heavily on how to profitably trade in the Forex market with just an hour or so per day. They detail a laid out formula and process to help you use statistics and technical analysis to put trading profitable trades in your favor.

Long story short, you get some great input on saving, increasing your assets, controlling expenses and investing some in the stock market, but the main bulk of their courses are for people wanting to learn how to trade profitable trades in the Forex market.

Here are some success stories from members at Infinite Prosperity

Is it Infinite Prosperity online trading course worth it or not?

My opinion, absolutely! If you are interested in learning the tricks of the Forex market, along with some world-class advice on saving and investing in the stock market, its worth every bit time and time over again. They are a trustworthy company that puts its students as their top priority in helping you learn what they've achieved and learned.

I have firsthand experience and can tell you they are a well respected and trusted source for learning financial independence and how to trade profitably in the Forex market.

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For additional information about Infinite Prosperity, take it directly from the maker himself in this video explanation:

Lewis Mocker – Infinite Prosperity Online Trading Course