What used to be a dream for many independent entrepreneurs, is now a reality and in fact is very common. Working from home is the ideal job for those who like to have their own hours, work from their laptop, and make a living in their pajamas. Yup, its as real as it gets now.

The problem is, too many people often overthink how to work from home. The so called “experts” claim you can make money from home by purchasing their “amazing” software that “makes money for you!” Don't fall for it. There are some laws that cannot be changed, like the law of gravity, and the law that says “you reap what you sow”.

When all is said and done, the harder you work, the more money you can make from home doing what you really love. It really only takes your laptop, access to the internet, and a couple hours per day to generate a healthy income. I'm going to show you how to work from home part-time and make $10,000 per month, and you don't even need any prior experience.

How To Work From Home Part Time

How To Work From Home

There are a few necessary things you will need to work from home, namely: a computer or laptop, and access to the internet. The internet and innovating technology has allowed even major corporations to outsource work to individuals with access to the internet who work from home. Once you've got those in place, your options are unlimited.

There is a formula that is quite simple when it comes to making money. The more people you are able to reach, the more people you can impact in a positive way. The more that you impact in a positive way, the more customers you get. The more customers that you get, the more sales you make and the more money you bank.

The internet has approximately 4 billion daily viewers from nearly every country in the world. With access to such a large market, it is the quickest way and most efficient path to reaching the most people. So that is exactly where you need to start.

How to work from home online part-time

There are almost as many ways to make money online as there are daily online viewers. Your job is to simply choose the path that best suites your interests and accessibility. Among the most lucrative ways to make money working from home online are:

These are just a few to start. I'll briefly discuss each one in more detail, as well as the best places to get started.

Make money from home with an ecommerce website

Work from home doing ecommerce
The great thing about making money from home with an ecommerce website is you can literally choose any product or industry you want, and sell it online for a profit. All it takes is a free website, as little as one product, an audience, and a little bit of patience to establish credibility.

Building a website isn't as hard as many make it to be, in fact, companies like Site Rubix have made it so easy you can build your first website in less than 60 seconds. No money is needed and all you need is to choose your website name, a domain name and pick from one of over 2,000 themes and your done.

Choosing your product needs to be made as simple as possible. The easiest way to do this is by picking a topic you are an expert in, or are very passionate about and know a lot about. If you were to choose one product in that category to sell, what would it be? Start there. Next, you need a wholesale company to purchase the product from.

If you don't want to purchase inventory, you can build your ecommerce store around a drop shipping model. Drop shipping is simply listing a product, and as orders come in, you simply pass on the order to the wholesale company who then fulfill the order and ship it off for you for a small cost.

Naturally, with the right product you will attract a niche audience by posting engaging content and reaching out to people via free marketing platforms such as social media.

The last ingredient is the most important, and that is patience. Too many get frustrated too quickly and quit before they even have a chance to grow. This process can see results in as little as weeks to as long as years. Despite the length of time it may take you, one thing is guaranteed to be true; and that is, if you stick to something long enough, it will eventually stick.

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How to work from home part-time with affiliate marketing

The process to making money online through affiliate marketing is similar to building an ecommerce website. The difference, is you won't be selling your own product but referring your visitors to recommended products of other companies, and getting paid a commission for the sale.

The process begins with building a free website, posting engaging content with your affiliate links embedded within, and attracting an audience interested in your expert advice. As your audience grows sales will come naturally and very passively.

The secret to success with affiliate marketing lies within building a website with a very targeted niche audience. Rather than posting about health and nutrition, build a website around health and nutrition for college basketball athletes. The 4 billion online market is big enough that a targeted niche is vital, and still a very large audience when chosen properly.

Here is a top rated online training platform on how to build a lucrative business in affiliate marketing. They offer their basic membership for free, and have an option to upgrade if more help is wanted for just a small price. The free version is free for life and offers an helpful platform that makes the learning curve a quicker process.

Make money working from home with your blog

Blogging is all about building a loyal audience who seek your advice. The trick here is becoming the expert in your chosen niche, and building a following whom relate to you and your experience.

Take, for example, fitness blogs that seem to be all over the web. You can find a blog on different types of yoga, running, gaining weight, losing weight, building muscle, etc. Every successful fitness blog has been built around the expert advice offered, the personality shown within the blog is easily relateable, and proven results to the processes taught.

If you are an expert in a specific topic, blogging can be a very passive source of income. You make money blogging often from affiliate marketing links (as discussed above), through advertising, and eventually getting sponsored by a large name brand company in your chosen niche.

How to work from home part-time selling digital products

The most common digital product sold is writing and selling an ebook. Are there stories, experiences and/or events in your life that have given you a unique perspective of a popular topic? Chances are you've got an important lesson or point of view that will attract and relate to many others. You can easily take that knowledge and experience, and write a book on it and promote it via large ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon.

Other digital products include online courses, videos, and membership websites that give exclusive access to unique content for members only. All include creating and teaching how to's on popular topics and niche audiences.

Your best chance to make real money from home part-time…

The options are nearly endless. The most common reason people fail to make money online from home is lack of knowledge and overcoming the learning curve of building an income online. Thankfully, there are amazing companies who have developed a business around that niche market of learning how to make money online. Among them are a lot of “get-rich-quick” schemes that don't hesitate to take your money, and ask for a never ending up-sell to their “next best thing”.

Word of advice, steer clear of the never ending up-sell companies who claim to make you rich overnight. The law of the harvest still stands, and you will reap what you sow.

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