These days people are willing to pay extra for convenience. And that means people are willing to pay extra to have someone do their grocery shopping and deliver their groceries to their house!

Here's how to make money delivering groceries with modern technology. These five companies provide entrepreneurs and everyday people like you and me to make extra money shopping for groceries and on our own time.


Instacart is a modern platform that lets you make money shopping for groceries and delivering them to customers. It's accessible via their convenient mobile app and their website at By signing up to become a shopper, you can begin accepting orders located in or near your zip code.

Much like an Uber driver gets paid per ride, you get paid per order you deliver, plus tips. You can work when you want and however long you want. You're your own boss!

The amount of money you make depends on how many order batches you complete, how large the orders are, and the delivery distance.

They have over 300 retail partners, over 200,000 shoppers in over 5,500 cities. Furthermore, they have “the largest online grocery catalog” with over 500 million listings.


Shipt is different in that gig workers can deliver more than just groceries. They can also deliver household items and any products from Shipt's retail partner stores. You can sign up for free and begin accepting orders on your own schedule.

Becoming a shopper involves applying online, scheduling a quick interview, and accepting orders once approved. According to, top shoppers can make an average of $22 per hour.


DoorDash is perhaps the most well-known delivery service, but they are more known for delivering fast food. This company has a mission to deliver almost anything and everything to anyone. This naturally creates lots of options to make extra money as an entrepreneur.

They don't just deliver food, but they also deliver groceries and household goods from their retail partner stores. They don't limit your ability to make money to just your home zip code, but even in areas you are just visiting. On vacation and need some extra cash? No worries, you can work a few hours with DoorDash and get back to the luxury lifestyle!

If you're an avid investor (if not, you should be investing!), DoorDash makes for a potentially great investment. They listed their company on the public markets recently and have major growth plans for the future, making for a great potential investment opportunity!


Postmates is a growing delivery service offered in select cities across the US currently (which I'm sure they will expand as the company grows). Much like the other delivery service gig apps mentioned here, Postmates delivers food and groceries to its customers for a fee.

They promote that their delivery drivers earn 100% of the earnings and tips, along with instant deposits when your orders are complete. To see the list of cities across the US that Postmates is available for money-making opportunities, visit


Dumpling is slightly different than the other grocery shopping gigs mentioned here. They are unique in that their platform is made to help you build your own shopping business. Their platform allows entrepreneurs to build their own shopping and delivery business with people they know.

This allows customers who hire you for shopping to know and trust who is doing their work for them. For a small fee, you get access to all the tools you need to build a grocery delivery business for as many or as few clients as you wish, all on your own schedule. If you want to customize and personalize your shopping business for friends and family in your area, Dumpling is the way to go.

Regardless of your approach to making more money delivering groceries, one thing is for certain; and that is you need to be investing in the stock market!

New to investing? No problem! Learn how to invest with or without experience.