If only we had that magic crystal ball to tell us exactly how they do it. How do so many people generate a full time income working on a less than part-time basis? And how do they get started if you don't have any money to live on without your full time job?

If you're like most people, you probably have a full time job, or your a stay at home parent taking care of the little rugrats. Whichever the case, wouldn't it be nice to be able to do something on the side to generate an extra stream of income? Who wouldn't like that!

I'm going to tell you the best way to make extra money from home on a part-time basis. (Or full time if you really want, it will just speed up the process). But it takes hard work, and the money doesn't start coming in until you've got a good solid foundation set for your business. But rest assured if you stick to the process, you will see results! Some quicker than others.

How to make extra money at home – The 5 Step Process

I know what you're thinking.  There are only 4 steps showing in the summary below…that's because step 5 is a BONUS STEP.  Read to the bottom to see what it is.

Here is the short version of the laid out process to making extra money at home. It's not rocket science, its really pretty simple. But what separates the successful from the non successful at this is patience and persistence. If you trust the process, and stick to it, results are inevitable!

Step 1 – Choose an interest

Step 2 – Build a website

Step 3 – Get traffic and rankings on search engines

Step 4 – Earn revenue

I told you it's not rocket science. There is no magic pill or crystal ball (that I know of at least). There is only the cold hard raw process, and those willing to stick to that process reap the abundant rewards.

Step 1 – Choose an interest for your business

The great thing about this is you can make money with almost any interest out there. Trust me, if you have an interest in almost anything, chances are there is a large audience who has a similar interest too and would seek your advice. My interest is passive income and building wealth, and hey, you're reading my post aren't you? (proof that the above process works).

You want to start out with a list of hobbies, interests, things that you do in your spare time, etc. List at least 10 hobbies/interests. This will help brainstorm some ideas to narrow down your niche, and allows us to determine which one has the most potential. Some examples of this could be; soccer, basketball, reading, writing code, fitness, gardening, video games, movies, small business, etc.

Next, pick your top 3 choices from that list. With each of the top three, narrow down your category even deeper. For example, lets say one choice is fitness. List two or three subcategories such as dieting, or weight loss, or building muscle.

Lastly we want to find which topic has the best potential audience. So out of your subcategory list derived from your original top 3 choices, pick your top 3 again from this sub list. We are going to find out the approximate traffic from search engines you will get, and ultimately choose the one that has the highest traffic potential for your website.

(The following video will explain in greater detail the process of choosing a profitable niche for your website.)


To help narrow down the potential traffic of your desired niche, enter your topic/niche in the search box below (complements of jaaxy.com). This will return a result of how many searches for that industry you can expect on a monthly basis. Take this a bit further and enter a few phrases that fit into your chosen topic, for example: “How to build solid muscle naturally” for the health and fitness industry.

Ultimately the decision is yours, but my advice is to choose the topic that has the best potential and largest audience.

Step 2 – Build a website for your niche/topic of interest

Don't go running just yet, you don't have to know how to code or any technical skills for this. If you have a computer, keyboard and mouse and know how to work those, your in tip-top shape for this!

There are many website builders out there that will help you build a website on a “drag and drop” basis. Some have pre-made templates and all you have to do is create the articles and menu's. For sake of this article, I recommend you start with WealthyAffiliate.com to get your website up and running.  Why these guys? Because they are free, they offer amazing training's to go along with it, and the support and resources they offer are second to none.  They will get you up and going for free, and give you access to start 2 websites completely free.

Once you have set up your free account at WealthyAffiliate.com, click on the “SiteRubix” button on the left sidebar menu and go to “Site Domains.” Here you can create your free website domain to begin building your website, and you can also choose from a variety of pre-made templates for your website.

My advice is to choose a domain that is easy to remember, and that doesn't have repeated letters or numbers included (this can be confusing when people try to navigate to your website). An example could be “howtobuildsolidmuscle.com”.

Step 3 – Get traffic and rankings in major search engines

Traffic is mainly generated from search engines posting your website on the first couple pages of a search term. That is our ultimate goal here. If we can get your website ranked, you WILL get traffic, and lots of it. But how is that done?

First off, make sure you follow the free training's at WealthyAffiliate.com because they will show you with detailed videos on how to get quality traffic.  I'll give you the short version here.

Traffic is generated to your website as stated above mainly through search engines. So we have to play the game of getting the search engines to notice us. One of the first things they look at are keywords. When someone types in “muscle building fitness plan”, it makes sense that the person wants articles with those keywords in them, suggesting that the article will help answer their questions.

You can do more keyword research with the above search engine when determining your niche. Jaaxy.com is the internet's most accurate and up to date keyword research tool.

Next you want to include relevant content. Once you have determined keywords to target, your content needs to be very relevant to those keywords. Your site won't get ranked for “muscle building plan” if your content talks about gardening.

Using social media is an important aspect of getting ranked on search engines as well. When search engines determine who to rank in the searches, they also take into account how much “buzz” your website or article has, and a sign of this is how much attention you are getting on social media. After every post you write, make sure it is submitted to your social media accounts to post.

I could literally write multiple pages on different key components of getting ranked on search engines. To not bore you to death, I suggest reading this book here for a very detailed plan and process to getting ranked on google and major search engines.

Step 4 – Earn revenue from your traffic

Below is a quick video that will cover the basics of how to make money online and at home.   I'll then show you the 3 most common ways that people make money from their blog or website.

how to make extra money at home
Watch this video to learn how the process of making money online works.

All that hard work will finally pay off, don't you worry! Once you keep persistently following the above first three steps, its inevitable that your traffic will generate revenue. How? Great question. I'll show you the three most common and easiest ways to earn revenue from your website.

The first way is through inserting ads on your website. The most widely used platform for this is Google Adwords. All you have to do is set up an account with Google Adwords, tell them what website is yours, and than they will generate the code for you and show you where to put that on your website.

This allows Google to verify that the site is yours. This normally takes very little time for them to verify, sometimes it's immediate.

Once your site is verified, that very same process is used to insert ads onto your website. Within each page or post on your website, you can simply insert the pre- made code from your chosen type of ad onto your website. Google will handle the rest from here on out, and pay you for each time someone clicks on that ad.

The second most common way to earn money on your website is through affiliate commissions. Lets use the muscle building example. On my muscle building website, I decide to write an article about how to build muscle the right way, and in that article I suggest a very high quality supplement that will help aid your workout routine and diet.

I then go to the company that sells that product and request an affiliate link from them. Once this link is obtained, I can than insert that hyperlink into the word or sentence on my website so people can click on it to be taken to that company website.

If the product is purchased, I will get a small commission for referring a customer to that website. Super easy!

If you're wondering how to get affiliate links, all you have to do is type into Google the product or brand, followed by “affiliate program.” Most likely the directions to getting a link will be within the first page of the google results.

Last but not least is by building an email subscriber list.  The goal here is to capture the audience who is really interested in your ideas and content, and then you can update them when new posts are public to read.  I detail the steps on how to build an email list here.

Speaking of which, i'd be delighted to have you as a part of our vastly growing community!  No spam emails, I promise!  Just good raw strategies weekly on making passive income and growing your wealth.  Enter your name and email below:


Step 5 – The biggest mistake you could make…

The absolute worst mistake people make when deciding how and what, is not deciding at all! No more waiting, because tomorrow never comes in the waiting game.  I'm sure you can relate to an opportunity presented to you that you didn't take, but now wished you had.  Don't let that happen again!

The great thing about making money at home with this 4 step process, is it doesn't cost you anything to start or to even test out! Not even a credit card up front!

For my loyal readers, I've created an EXCLUSIVE BONUS that i'll send to you personally through the messaging tool within your free account, but you have to finish the free account setup first at Wealthy Affiliate.

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I am a sincere person, and sincerely hope this has been of help to you in some way. Please ask your questions or comments below!