You probably thought that making a website takes some skills in coding, and a little money up front I'm guessing. Well, I've got some good news for you. I can show you how to make a website without any experience in coding, and even without any experience online for that matter. And the best part is, ill show you how to do it completely free.

What do you need to know how to do? If you know how to operate a mouse and keyboard, your ahead of the game!

Whether you're building a website to create a blog, build your ecommerce empire, or to create an affiliate marketing business, building a website is your starting point.  You'll find the steps to build your profitable website right here.

By following this process, you too can generate thousands of dollars monthly like so many entrepreneurs online today, by building a website for free.

What you need to get started with your free website

Before we get started, here's a quick list of items to consider. To get going with your website, you will want to determine the following:

After determining the above information, you should be ready to get started!

The process to create a profitable blog


The process to building a website for free

I've laid out a 5 step process to making your website for free below.  Followed by the 5 step process will be details on how and where you can complete each step, along with access to the necessary resources needed to grow your awesome website.

Step 1: Reserve your domain name

Since you should have your business name or domain name decided already, now its time to go and reserve that domain name if it's available. Your domain name should be something that is easy to remember, and clearly describes your relevant content and services included.

Step 2: Set up website hosting

Website hosting is simply a place to park your domain, and allows you to essentially your website from scratch. Good hosting services require no coding, and will make organizing your website easy and straight forward. Many platforms will even have a large library of free website templates you can choose from.

Step 3: Create your “About Me” and “Privacy Policy” pages

Once you've got your website hosting set up, now's time to start building content. Often times the most viewed page on your website will be the “About Me” page. This is what gives your website credibility, and paints the picture behind the motives of why your website was created.

Your privacy policy page should include basic information about your integrity and statement to protect the privacy of any customers' information. This will give your site more credibility and trust.

Step 4: Create your first keyword rich post

Now we start the fun stuff! You now have the foundation of your website built, next we start letting your light shine and showing off your expertise.

Before you do so, you will need to do some keyword research in order to determine what terms or phrases are searched the most among major search engines. If no one is searching those specific keywords or phrases, no one will ever find your website.

You want to find keywords that have a high amount of monthly searches, with a relatively low amount of competition. If you're targeting a keyword with high competition and high traffic, chances are you will never get ranked on major search engines for a long time due to the high competition. Start small, and your rankings will come with time.

Step 5: Monetize your website (optional)

Some of you may be building a website to make some extra money. However, not all websites are created with this purpose. If you intend on making money with your website, read on. If not, you can skip this step to the next section below.

There are 3 common ways that people make money with their website. Some focus on all three, others choose one that works for them and become champions at that strategy. The 3 most common ways are:

The most common of the above are affiliate marketing and pay per click ads.

Trusted resources to build your website

You have the 5 step process, but where do you start? As promised, all the above can be done for free. All you need is a domain, a website hosting service, and start building out awesome content with targeted keywords. Not too complicated, right?

Most companies focus on just one area of service for building a website (such as website hosting, or building website content, etc.) and charge a monthly fee to use their service. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to do all of that completely free.

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What tools, resources or information did/do you lack when you built your first website?  Post your comments and questions below!