There are a lot more options available for those who are looking to lower their monthly bills than you think. These days, personal finance combined with technology makes it easy and automatic to analyze, compare and suggest options for you to save money and lower your expenses.

“How do I lower my monthly bills?” you ask. Well, these five finance, budgeting and spending apps will literally negotiate your bills for you, suggest new spending habits, provide insight on financial opportunities, and ultimately help you lower your monthly bills on autopilot.

1. TrueBill

TrueBill is a popular app that will help you lower your bills, negotiate debts, and even improve your savings and spending habits. Among the many features of TrueBill are:

  • Monitor your monthly subscriptions and cancel unused memberships as needed.
  • Lower your cable, cell phone, and security bills. TrueBill will negotiate your payments with most major internet, phone and security companies for you.
  • View all your financial information in one place. You can see your cash, credit balances and investments in an easy to understand and visual manner.
  • Automatically track your spending when TrueBill categorizes your expenses for you so you can see where most of your money is going.
  • Set and achieve savings goals on automatic. TrueBill will use its algorithm to help you set aside money for your savings goals while ensuring you still have enough money for other expenses.

By setting up your TrueBill account, and linking your bank accounts to the app, you can easily lower your monthly bills on automatic.

2. Bill Shark

Bill Shark is another budgeting app that can lower your monthly bills without much effort on your end. Like TrueBill, their negotiation team will lower your bills by reaching out to internet companies, cell phone providers, TV services and even satellite radio, among many others. Need to lower your electric bill? Bill Shark will help.

What sets Bill Shark apart from the rest is that they also help you lower your bills by helping manage your subscriptions as well as analyze your insurance payments to see if you may be eligible for better rates.

Bill Shark doesn't cost anything up front but will keep 40% of the savings from your bill negotiations and charge you $9 per canceled subscription. They have no cost to get insurance quotes for lower rates.

3. Trim Financial Manager

Trim (also known as “Trim Financial Manager”) will help negotiate your monthly bills such as cable bills, internet bills, cell phone bills, utility bills and even medical bills.

Furthermore, they will help you find and cancel unwanted subscriptions that you no longer use or want. If you want a subscription canceled, you can have Trim take care of it for you.

What's more is Trim will even help you lower your interest rates with your bank as well as any bank fees you're being charged. Trim also helps you get more for your money from their 4% annualized return on a high interest savings account for the first $2,000.

By simply setting up your Trim account, linking your bank account to their app, and letting Trim analyze your spending patterns, your bills can easily be lowered automatically!

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4. is a free resource for anyone looking to see where they are being overcharged. It's different from the bill negotiation apps we discussed above, in that it is a website that answers some of the most common finance questions such as “Should I refinance my mortgage?”

With the common questions, they provide resources and calculators to analyze your current financial situation to see if it's worth looking at options to lower your bills.

If you want to see if you can save money, will provide you with resources to determine how much money and show you the best company for your scenario to work with (mortgage companies, credit cards, loans, banking, home services, etc.).

5. Empower Banking & Finance App

Empower is a banking, budgeting and finance app that automates the process of lowering your bills through analyzing your finances. They have a bill negotiation team that will reach out to your service providers for you to negotiate lower payments.

They also give you detailed insights after analyzing your spending on how and where you can lower your payments and spending habits. Other features that Empower has to help you save money are:

  • Access to a human financial coach as needed.
  • Cash advances of up to $150 for quick cash when needed.
  • Automated savings that will analyze spending and save for you to reach your savings goals, while still ensuring you have enough money to cover your expenses.

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Lower Your Monthly Expenses on Autopilot

With these powerful budgeting and personal finance apps, lowering your bills is no longer a tedious task that everyone hates doing. Now, all it entails is simply linking your bank accounts to a trusted app like the ones discussed here to then have a team of experts manage the dirty work for you.

The end result is extra money in your pocket, lower monthly expenses, and financial peace of mind knowing you are getting the best rates on your monthly bills.