You've just set up your seller account on Fiverr, you've posted your first gig or two, and now you're waiting. How do you get your first sale on Fiverr? Well, the short answer is you need to get your gigs in front of as many people as possible.

But that's a lot easier said than done, I know. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to get your first sale and start generating great reviews from your customers to grow your Fiverr business. Here's how to get your first sale on Fiverr, whether you have any experience or not!

5 Tips to Get Your First Fiverr Sale

If you can put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client, and view your profile as your client would, you'll notice a lot of things that you can do to make your gigs more enticing and trusted.

Perhaps the biggest thing you can do to get your first sale, or more sales in general, is to make anyone who sees your profile or gigs trust you and the work you offer. Otherwise, you'll be waiting ages before anyone decides to order from you! These tips will help you do just that…

1. Make Your Initial Prices Enticing

Start your gigs with competitive prices, and chances of you getting a first sale and hopefully a review are much higher. Why is setting your prices low at first a good strategy? Because potential customers don't know you, how good your work is, or whether you're trustworthy just yet. A lower price means they have less to lose in the event they purchase from someone with no experience.

As you get a few orders and customer reviews, you can start increasing your prices slowly. The objective behind getting your first few sales is getting customer reviews, because once you have some proof of good work, people will start trusting you as a seller and start buying more from you.

2. Check The “Buyer Requests” Daily

Within your seller profile, you can view the “Buyer Requests” section to see all the buyers who have listed what they need, and sellers can send them offers for the work they need done.

The gigs listed under Buyer Requests will be custom to the type of gigs you offer on your seller profile. For example, if you provide graphic design gigs, then you will see graphic design gigs under the Buyer Requests section.

Sellers can submit up to 10 offers per day (as of this writing) to buyers who have projects to be done. Want to get your first sell on Fiverr? MAX OUT YOUR BUYER REQUESTS EVERY DAY!

3. Maximize Your Gigs & Seller Profile Trustworthiness

To some, this may be a given. But you'd be surprised at how many sellers have sub-par profiles and gigs which means they are turning down a lot of potential business. If I'm a buyer, I want to know who I'm working with, how good they are at the work I need done, and whether I can trust them or not.

If your profile doesn't promote trustworthiness, good luck getting your first sale. Areas to make sure are well amplified are:

Descriptive Profile

Your seller profile description should outline who you are, what type of work you offer, and your experience…at the least. Good seller profiles take it a step further and explain a bit about themselves as a person and promotes their personality to an extent. That way, you'll likely attract like-minded and relatable people as your potential buyers.

Skills Tests

Some Fiverr gigs require that you pass certain skill tests before listing your gig to the public. An example of this is Search Engine Optimization. Before publishing your gig, you'll need to pass the SEO test.

The trick is taking the test every other week or as often as Fiverr permits to ensure you can score the absolute highest score possible. This just goes to show potential buyers that you know your stuff and are an industry expert for your gigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions save you time and shows professionalism to your potential buyers. Rather than buyers having to reach out to you and wait for your response, you should be posting frequently asked questions to win the sale.

An easy way to determine what frequently asked questions potential buyers might have is to research top sellers that have the same gig as you do and see what their frequently asked questions are. List the questions that are most relevant to your gig and give your answers.

This ISN'T suggesting that you plagiarize, but it is suggesting that you get ideas from other gigs out there, craft something that fits your gig and make it your own.

Descriptive Gigs

Just like your seller profile should have a well written description, so should your gigs. You'll want to include a description of what your gig offers, who your clients most likely are that will benefit from your gig, and even describe the particular niche you specialize in within the industry. If you're a writer, then detail which topics you specialize in.

After you've detailed the gig, list further details about each gig package and gig add-ons. Lastly, make sure you highlight a competitive advantage that you offer that not everyone will be promoting such as:

  • Unlimited revisions
  • 24 Hour turnaround time
  • Bilingual if you speak more than one language
  • Any gig specific features that sets you apart from other sellers

Include a “Why Trust / Hire Me” Section

To give sellers the absolute trust they need before hiring you, include a “Why Trust Me” or “Why Hire Me” section. This section can be posted on your seller profile, and then on each gig with its applicable variation.

This section should be your 3-5 sentence (max) elevator pitch on why you think someone should hire you over anyone else. Don't bother putting generic things such as “…because I'm good at what I do…” or some variation of that, because of course any seller would say that!

Rather, post statements such as “I've worked in [industry] for 10+ years with major companies such as [company].” Or, list your major accomplishments that qualify you for your gig industry or particular job. Specifics are your best friend!


The idea of this is to simply get a couple reviews under your belt. The more positive reviews you have, the better chances you have at appearing in the top search results on Fiverr.

How do you do this before getting your first sale? Well, the short answer is you can't. But, it's also OK to promote your gig to friends and family and request a review from them.

Make sure that if you do this, that you don't try to “game” the system and have someone submit a fake order just to get a review, as this will get your Fiverr account closed in no time.

Rather, you should promote your gigs and ask your friends and family for real work that they may need done, have them submit the work order on Fiverr (you can even give them custom pricing, that isn't against the rules) and ask for their honest review on your how you did.

Call it your first order or your “test” order, but it will get some traction going and start providing real feedback to other potential sellers on the type of work that you do for your gigs.

4. List One Gig Multiple Times

This tip is similar to what some might call “A/B Testing.” In other words, you take your first gig, and list that same gig two or three times, but using different titles and different tags and keywords. This gives you more chances to get seen from common searches.

Once you start getting orders on a gig and it picks up, you can delete the other gigs and stick with the one that's working!

5. You Need to Be Marketing!

Last but not least is the answer that everyone already knows about, but few people are ACTUALLY doing. You need to be marketing your gigs! Where? Anywhere your ideal customers are.

This means sending out occasional social media posts, writing blog posts that refer people to your gigs, reaching out to local businesses that may benefit from your work, investing some money up front in Google Ads, and even paying some money in Facebook Ads to get some traction.

Remember, your goal is to get your first sale and start generating reviews, so this doesn't have to be a regular thing when it comes to investing your money into paid ads.

If you can get a couple orders with some positive reviews, provide great service and keep promoting your gigs on free channels like social media, naturally you'll start getting return customers and regular orders which equals more money in your pocket!

Consistency Is Key…

The most important thing you can do as a new seller or freelancer is maintain consistency. It's almost guaranteed that if you regularly promote your gigs, tweak your offers, etc. you WILL get your first Fiverr sale sooner or later. It's just a matter of time! However, following these five tips will put you miles ahead of any other new seller to start getting regular orders and build your freelance business.