There are hundreds of dollars available in free stocks that require little to no effort at all! How? Modern investment apps are known for promoting their free accounts by offering free money when you sign up.

The great thing is, there are no requirements other than signing up for an account, and in some cases making a small $25 deposit to fund the account. The rest is just free stocks for signing up! Here's how to get free stocks from ten of the top investing apps today.

10 Ways To Get Free Stocks For Signing Up!

Whether you're trying to find the best investing app to use or just looking for some free money, these ten investing apps are eager to win your business. Each app allows you to invest in the stock market, some have free checking accounts, and some even provide cashback programs for additional free money.


Robinhood is one of the most popular modern investing apps today that allows you to invest in the stock market for free. You can even invest in exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), options contracts, and cryptocurrency.

Users can purchase fractional shares of stock, meaning you can invest any dollar amount regardless of the share price. It's free to use, with options to get access to premium research tools for $5 per month.

How do you get a free share of stock? All you have to do is set open a free account with Robinhood, and they will deposit the free share of stock into your account.


Webull lets you invest in stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrency for free, much like Robinhood. You can invest via its mobile app or the desktop trading platform – both of which provide detailed trading tools and analytics.

Webull also supports extended hours trading allowing investors to buy and sell before and after market hours (from 4:00 AM ET to 8:00 PM ET).

How do you claim your free stock? Just open an account and fund it. Occasionally they have seasonal promotions allowing you to get more than just one free share.


Public is unique because it brings the social aspect of social media and merges it with a robust investing platform. Discussing different topics, companies, and investment strategies has proven to be beneficial for all involved, and Public provides the perfect solution.

Like other modern investing apps, they offer a free investment platform with options to purchase fractional shares and ETFs.

How do you claim your free share of stock? Download the app or go to the website and have Public send you the app. Then, open a free account and fund it. That's it!


Acorns is famous for their “Round-Ups” feature that allows investors to round up their daily purchases to the next dollar and invest the spare change. Other modern platforms have since copied the idea, but as far as I'm concerned, Acorns is the pioneer of round-ups.

Furthermore, their technology-driven platform uses algorithms to build a customized investment portfolio based on your risk tolerance, needs, and wants. Acorns is a modern “robo-advisor” that does all the heavy lifting for you. This feature comes at a small cost of just $1 per month with options to add more features and accounts for $3 per month or $5 per month.

How do you get free stock with Acorns? All you need to do is open an account and fund it, and Acorns will deposit $5 to your account for free!

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is awesome because you can build your own fund called a “pie” of stocks you like and invest in that fund on autopilot for free. You can choose what percent each company makes up of your pie to allocate each additional investment accordingly.

Should you want to use an expert pie, they have options available for different investment objectives.

To claim your free stocks, all you need to do is open up an account and fund it. M1 Finance will deposit $10 for free once completed!


Dough investing is another modern investing app that lets you invest in individual stocks, ETFs, options contracts, and use margin trading accounts. They don't have any fees for opening accounts or trading stocks and zero minimum balance requirements.

How do you claim free stock with Dough? Just open a free investing account, verify your information, and make your first deposit of $25 to get a free share of stock.


SoFi is an all-inclusive financial app that recently launched it's investing platform. They provide anything from personal loans to peer-to-peer transfers, credit cards, and investing in stocks.

Their investing platform is free to use and allows investors to purchase fractional shares of stocks regardless of the stock price. You can choose whether to open an active investing account to pick the stocks yourself, or you can choose to let SoFi manage your account with one of their diversified portfolios.

How do you get free stock with SoFi? SoFi offers $5 for opening up an account, and $50 for opening up an account and funding it with $1,000 or more.

Cash App Investing

Cash App is a peer to peer transfers app, much like Venmo. They also let you invest in the stock market with any dollar amount and into almost any publicly traded company or ETF. There are no fees or trading commissions. Cash App is one of the most simple apps I've seen (up there with Robinhood) when it comes to investing in the stock market.

How do you claim your free stock with Cash App? Well, it's a sign-on bonus when you set up your cash app account and transfer at least $5 to one of your friends. After you've done this, you get $5 that you can use to invest on their platform!


Nvstr is a web trading platform for investors who wish to have a detailed analytical approach to the stock market. Ranging from detailed charts and analysis reports to following and socializing with top traders. It doesn't cost money to open an account, but they charge a small trade commission unless you have a monthly subscription that comes with a designated number of free trades per month.

How do you get your free stock with Nvstr? All you have to do is open an account and place your first trade to get your free stock, ranging from $8 to as much as $1,000 to invest.


Firstrade is a VERY robust trading platform that combines the ease of use from modern technology with the sophisticated research tools for expert traders – all into one platform.

There are no fees on stock trades, ETFs, options contracts, or mutual funds. They also have a very user-friendly investing app as well as a web trading platform for ease and accessibility.

How do you get free stock with Firstrade? All you have to do is open a free account, verify your personal information, and then you'll get your free stock once your account is approved!