One of the biggest obstacles to entering the online business industry is not knowing how to create a website. Lets face it, the internet is your portal to accessing the 4 billion users per day online market. And in order to be present on the internet, you absolutely need a well-kept website. Otherwise, how are you going to be found online?

But what if you don't know how to build a website? Or maybe you have an idea but don't want to spend the money to build your website and maintain it? You're not alone in this common barrier to the online marketplace. Sadly, most entrepreneurs at this stage of the game aren't aware that you can actually earn a significant income online using free website options. Yup, they exist!

But, you don't know what you don't know, right? That's why I wrote this post. I'm going to show you how to earn money online with a free website. Consider this the ultimate guide to making money online with or without prior experience.

How To Earn Money Online For Free

Before we get started, I'd like to point out that this isn't another one of those scam programs that claims to have the secret ingredient to magically make you a millionaire overnight. So if that's what you're looking for, stop right here and look elsewhere.

This is, however a step by step process explained in it's most simplest form on how to earn a real income online for free. The process is not rocket science, and many online entrepreneurs have built their online business to a point where they are able to quit their day job. Click here for proof that this process really works.

The ones that don't follow the process end up quitting early on what could have been a real money maker. Don't let this be you, trust the process and the resources provided and success is only inevitable.

What you need to get started:

To start your online business, you need a few essentials put in place to get going. They are:

  1. A target audience
  2. A website
  3. Helpful content
  4. Product/services to promote

Once you have a good idea of the above mentioned starting points, your ready to get started.

Choose your target audience or niche

Your target audience should be a select group of people with common interests in a topic or industry. The narrower you can get while maintaining a large audience, the better. The goal here is to become the “expert” of that select segment of the chosen niche.

Examples of this could be “health and fitness for college basketball players”. It's broad enough to generate a large amount of content, it's narrow enough to apply to a targeted market, and it's got plenty of potential directions you can go in terms of providing helpful content and recommending products and services.

Another example could be “fashion and beauty for stay at home moms over age 40”. Again it's a targeted audience that is very defined, but it's broad enough that your market potential is very large, and your direction you could take it is nearly unlimited. You want people to come back to your website for more specific and targeted content and help.

Be sure that you choose a target audience that you have a large interest in, otherwise you will get burnt out too quickly. Keep in mind you will be building on this niche topic and writing content about it, so you better be comfortable with it and enjoy it non-stop.

Grow your online presence with a free website

To establish your presence online, you need a website to start with. Yeah you can have social media and be a part of different social media groups (which is highly recommended) but you need a one stop shop that all your audience is directed to. Social media is one funnel that directs your audience to your website.

Your website is where you will build out helpful content and recommended trusted products and services. Here is where the money is made, but often takes time and patience.

The best part is, you don't have to pay to build a website, and you can even use templates that are organized for you already that are integrated with the internets most trusted website builder WordPress.

This is done by using trusted website building services like SiteRubix to select your free domain name and choose among over 2,000 website layout options at no cost. All you need to do is enter you chosen domain name, choose a website layout and start creating content!

Should you want more options for your website, you have the option to pay for a premium service for a few bucks per month, but mind you the free version is more than enough for many first time website owners. You always have the option to transition to a premium service should you see the need to in the near future.

The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Your Website ⇐

Attract website visitors through creating helpful content

Ever heard the phrase “content is king”? Its as true as it will ever be. The more helpful content you can create, the more website visitors you will naturally attract and the more returning users you will solidify. Yes there are also paid ways to generate more website traffic such as Google Adwords, but the healthiest website traffic is the traffic that is gained naturally through major search engine search results.

A common mistake too many people make when creating content is they focus more on “selling” than they do actually helping and providing value. It is apparent that someone is trying to sell you when you first land on their website, and this often scares away a lot of first time visitors.

Ever walk on a car dealership lot and been approached by that vicious car salesman? Yup, he wants to sell you a car but you're thinking in your head “leave me alone!” But in reality, you probably want to purchase a car or you wouldn't have visited the car dealership, right? What if that car salesman was able to approach you in a non salesman way, who truly had a strong interest in sincerely helping you find exactly what you are looking for? You think the chances of you buying from him are good? Absolutely!

This is exactly how you should approach building out great content for your website, and naturally your traffic will begin to soar over time.

Only promote products and services you trust

As you build out website content and attract visitors, you make money from your website by promoting recommended products and services in that industry. This is called affiliate marketing. If you're building a website about “health and fitness for college basketball students”, you might show your audience how to properly prepare for an upcoming game through proper nutrition. You then might insert an affiliate link sending your audience to a trusted supplement that they then buy, and you make a small commission on for referring traffic.

As your website matures and grows, you will be at a point where you have hundreds or even thousands of blog posts that attract a large audience, making you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in sales each day! This is not unrealistic and is very possible when you follow this process with patience and persistence.

Another common mistake among new website owners looking to make some extra money, is only promoting products and services that have a high ticket price. Yeah, a high ticket price equals a higher commission right? But is it in the best interest of your audience? If you answered no, then don't promote it. Your audience will see right through you just like the vicious car salesman.

The bottom line….

Like I said in the beginning, the process is simple but the key to success is persistence and patience. It often can take a website 6 months to a year before they see any real income from their hard work. But once it catches on, it can only go up from there.

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