You've probably heard of your neighbor or friend, or seen an entrepreneur featured in an ad, showing you how they have made a fortune working from home. Hey, if they can do it, why can't I? Nowadays its much more common to hear that people work out of their house, or they have a regular full time job but have a small side business they do on the side working an extra hour a day.

Is that really true though? It turns out, that most of the “get-rich-quick schemes” are just that…schemes! But I will also tell you there are ways to make a good amount of money from home. In this post, I'm going to introduce to you a list of ways that you can truly make extra money from home.

How to make more money from home and be your own boss – Where to get started

First off, its quite normal for people to be skeptical of different opportunities out there to make extra money. We've all got good reasons to want to protect ourselves right?

Let me tell you one thing that all those entrepreneurs that you've seen in ads or stories you've heard from friends, all have in common. They have an open mind, and don't judge a book by the cover. They keep their mind open to ideas and potential opportunities. They have the mindset that, if they don't turn something down before they know more, there just might be a pot of gold around the corner.

So, to get you started, I've put together a list of different ways that have worked for me personally to make extra money from home. My advice, do some extra research on the strategy with the links provided on each way to earn money from home, and pick the one that fits you best. Start with that one and stick to the process laid out.

The Top 15 Ways To Make Extra Money At Home

Each of the items listed below will include some basic info along with additional resources to help you determine a good starting point. Enjoy!

1. Open an investment account with Acorns, and invest the change from all your daily purchases. Use their “found money” to get paid to shop at stores you already purchase from. FREE MONEY!

2. Write an ebook in 24 hours and publish it on Amazon Kindle. Follow this step by step process to writing a book in 24 hours, and watch the sales commissions' role in forever.

3. Offer your expertise on and become a freelancer in your field of expertise. Examples may be writing blog posts, excel spreadsheets, proofreading a book, graphic design, etc.

4. Save a small amount of your discretionary money (extra money leftover after living expenses), and invest it in peer-to-peer lending platforms such as Prosper or LendingClub. You only need $25 each investment, and returns can be as high as 12% +.

5. Build a drop shipping store and sell products on Amazon or Ebay. No inventory needed, thus no risk if nothing is sold! Simply list the product on Amazon or Ebay, and when a sale comes in, you pass it along to the wholesale company and they take care of the rest. Read more about how to begin here.

6. Build an email subscriber list with ConvertKit, and send promoted products to your list and get paid a commission for each time someone purchases your promoted product! This can be done following these steps outlined here.

7. Interested in building an affiliate marketing business?  Get paid to refer customers to recommended products and services.  Many companies offer to teach you how to get started with an affiliate marketing business for free, and have the potential to make thousands of dollars of passive income.

8. Do your weekly or monthly shopping online with websites like Swagbucks, and get paid to buy from major retailers by going through their links to shop.

9. Pick an expertise or passion, and open up an ecommerce store with Shopify Sell your products on your own website, and who knows, maybe you'll be the next million dollar ecommerce entrepreneur!

10. Similar to #9, pick an expertise or passion and build a website or blog. Write posts and articles about common questions people might have in that industry, and help them answer the question and show them how to take the next steps.

11. Again, if you have a passion or expertise, build a basic training course to teach people how to get started. Sell your training course online, and get paid from it FOREVER!

12. Make sure you are saving a portion of all your money and investing it in the stock market for the long term. Not sure how to do this? Use a Robo Adviser like Betterment. Invest with as little as $5, and no knowledge is needed. They make things easy to invest.

13. Open up an account with Coinbase, and invest in cryptocurrencies. (This is a much riskier option, and it is advised that you only invest an amount you are OK loosing). Some people have done their research and made millions from one single investment within just a few months.

14. Sell products on Amazon through what's called “Retail Arbitrage.” This is simply the difference in prices for the same product among different companies. Visit Walmart's clearance section and see how much a clearance item is selling for on Amazon. Often times you can make a good $10 – $20 bucks from selling clearance items. This website has some awesome trainings on how to do this.

15. Use the Spent App, a top cash back rewards app get paid for your daily purchases. You simply link the app to your debit card, and get cashback on all your dialy purchases! This can really add up each month, and turn into a large extra pile of cash! Invest the extra cash into one of the ideas above, or into the stock market with Betterment investments.

When is the best time to plant a tree?

Have you ever heard the saying “When is the best time to plant a tree? (Answer) Yesterday. When's the next best time to plant a tree? (Answer) Today!”

Those entrepreneurs you hear about that make a fortune began their journey long ago. I'm willing to beat that each one of them have multiple failures along the way as well.

Beginning now allows you to plant seeds that will produce abundant fruits potentially now, tomorrow and forever.

What other ideas have you found useful to generate extra income from home? Post your comments below, I'm eager to learn and expand my knowledge!

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