The idea of building a website online to some people sounds like something they don't even want to toy with thinking about how to do. Although they'd love to have a free website, they just don't know where to start and how to do it. What if I told you that anyone can build a website and do it for free?

How about if I told you it could be done with just 6 clicks of your computer mouse? Don't believe me? Read on..

I'm going to show you how to build a website for free in 6 mouse clicks, nothing more! You don't even need to have any experience in web design, web development, or any coding experience…none at all!

How To Build a Free Website With 6 Clicks of the Mouse

Follow along, and you will have your free website up and running in no time.

Click 1 – Check if your domain name is available

Domain names are becoming like telephone numbers. All the numbers starting with your local area code are being taken up, so they have come up with new area codes to start. Domain names ending in .com are all getting taken up, so let's check if your desired name is available.

I've included a small snippet below that will allow you to check your domain name availability. Simply type in your desired website name to see if it is available. Or you can follow click this link here to follow along (it will open in a separate tab so you don't lose your place)

If it says “Available!” in green above the “Build it Now” button, you're good to go! Simply click the “Build it Now” button and proceed to the step 2, or I mean Click 2.

Click 2 – Select the “Free Domain” option

You have an option here to choose between a free domain, buy your own domain, or set up hosting on a domain you already own. For sake of this article, we will be building a free website by clicking on the “free domain” option. Your options will look something like this:

The free domain option will be on what's called a “sub-domain.”  In other words, it will be “[yourwebsitename] . [subdomainname] .com.” Keep in mind this has no negative effects on your website, and you have the ability to transfer it to a domain you own just as easily as you created your free website here.

If you wish to choose the option to own your domain name such as “[yourwebsitename] . com” you can do so for just a few bucks per year by selecting that option and checking the availability.

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Click 3 – Re-enter your chosen domain name to reserve the name

The first time we entered your chosen domain name in step one was checking the availability. Now that we know it is available, simply enter the name again to begin the registration process. Your screen should look like the screenshot below:

The beneficial aspect of using the free website domain name is that it gives you a chance to start building the foundation of your website, resulting in you deciding on an ultimate name you wish to choose when you decide to purchase your own domain. You will find that you may have mixed thoughts about which name to choose in the beginning.

That's why starting with a free domain name is best in this situation. Your website may evolve in a different direction at which point you may choose to register it under a purchased domain name different from the one you choose today.

Click 4 – Enter your website title

Your website domain and website title are two separate things. Most often they are the exact same, but in some cases the title may vary slightly from what you choose as your domain.

For example, let's say you choose your website title to be “Online Office Supplies”. Your domain name most likely would be “OnlineOfficeSupplies . subdomainname . com”, but you may choose to make it more simple like “OOS . subdomainname . com” (OOS being the abbreviation of “Online Office Supplies”).

This field should look like the screenshot below to enter your website title:

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Click 5 – Choose your website theme

Using SiteRubix to build your free website gives you the ability to choose among more than 2,000 website themes. Normally you have to pay for your theme or have limited access to which themes you choose from.

You can type in the search bar anything related to your website topic. If your website is a reviews' website, you could type in “reviews'” and a bunch of theme options related to review websites will show up.

This step you simply click the theme you wish to start with. Don't worry, this can always be changed later with another click of the mouse.

Your screen should look like the screenshot below for this step:

Once your theme is chosen, you're onto the last step!

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Click 6 – One magic click and your website is built!

This step is pretty self-explanatory. The only option you will have left to do is click the green button that says “Click Here to Build This Site” once you have chosen your theme. Within a couple seconds, your website will be created and you can start building out your content! It's like magic!

Additional benefits of using SiteRubix to build a free website

Now that your website is built and ready to go, there are a few extra things you should know you get access to along with the free website.

SiteRubix is hosted by a trusted web hosting company & online business educator, Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that houses all the tools anyone needs to build their website and online business.

In addition to your free website, you also get access to other free tools such as:

  • Content creating tools
  • Free training's to help you build out your new website
  • Access to a large and engaging community should you have questions on growing your online business
  • thousands of blog posts & training's from other expert online entrepreneurs that post their learning's within the community
  • Top keyword research tools

These are just a few among the many benefits of the SiteRubix platform. Your website will also be built using the internet's largest and most trusted company, WordPress.

I told ya so…

Didn't believe you could do it in 6 clicks, huh? Rather than telling you “I told ya so” (aside from the section title), I sincerely hope this has been of help to you in building your free website.

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