Are traditional jobs offering employees a regular “nine to five” job schedule a thing of the past? Perhaps. Companies like allow workers and businesses alike to connect remotely and collaborate on different projects. Websites like this allow the “work from home” dream to become reality.

It's not uncommon for freelancers to make six figures offering services on Fiverr, and it's also not uncommon for businesses to operate completely from hiring remote employees. Why? This is possible due to platforms like Fiverr. To give you an idea of what Fiverr is and how it works for both freelancers and businesses, here's a detailed Fiverr review.

What Is Fiverr And How Does It Work?

What started out as a site where people could go to hire anyone to do work for just $5 (hence, the name Fiverr), has become platform that allows entrepreneurs, freelancers, people who want some extra income and anyone in between to make extra money or hire experts for particular projects.

Much like Amazon is a platform that brings buyers and sellers together to buy and sell goods, Fiverr's platform brings freelancers and businesses together to hire or be hired for different jobs. What is Fiverr and how does it work? Here are the benefits of for both freelancers and businesses.

Fiverr For Freelancers

We've all got unique skills, whether acquired from our work experience, it's a passion that we've self-taught, or it's something we're just naturally good at. The sad thing is, most people with a full time salaried or hourly job are only utilizing a few skills they have, while the rest are being left untouched.

Fiverr sellers can create a free account, list their unique work skills (called “gigs”) provide great work and get paid for it. For many it starts out as a part time side hustle to bring in extra money that eventually blossoms and turns into a real business that replaces their regular job.

Freelancers post their gigs with a description of what their service is, different packages they offer for that service, a few images with examples and additional details of the gig and watch the sales start coming in!

What Can You Sell on Fiverr?

In short, you can sell almost anything that complies with their terms of service. With that said, here are some of the main categories of services that freelancers can provide on Fiverr:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business Services (such as financial consulting, bookkeeping, business plans, etc.)
  • Online Lessons
  • Genealogy (I know, who would have thought!)
  • Game Creation
  • Web Design
  • Podcasting
  • And LITERALLY anything else related to these categories!

They have over 200 categories of services, and the ones listed here can each be broken down into much more detailed services. In fact, if you're a new seller just starting on Fiverr, I'd recommend that you start out going very niche specific on your services, such as web development for the real estate industry, for example.

How Much Money Can You Make on Fiverr?

The broad answer is that it totally depends. But, to give you an idea, many sellers have turned Fiverr into a full-time business that has replaced their 9-5 salaried or hourly job. Others use Fiverr as a part time side hustle for extra income.

If you're just starting out on Fiverr, you can expect to make maybe a couple hundred bucks the first couple months. After that, you'll start getting reviews and and gaining traction on your freelance business. Next, your fiverr income will grow as you keep hustling!

Many people on Fiverr have been featured on major news publications making over six figures. So, the answer? It all depends on how much work you put into it and how good you are at your promoted gigs. But it's certainly not unheard of to make over six figures on Fiverr.

We wrote a complete article on How Much Can You Make On Fiverr here, for details on real examples of how much sellers are actually making.

Fiverr's Seller Levels

When you start selling on Fiverr, you begin at a “no level” seller, or just called a seller in general. After you've built up some experience selling on Fiverr you can begin getting promoted to newer levels which come with additional seller benefits. The levels are:

  • Level One Seller: You need to be on Fiverr for at least 60 days, 10 completed orders, have earned at least $400 and positive ratings. If you complete this, you can be promoted to Level One Seller.
  • Level Two Seller: You need to be on Fiverr for at least 120 days, 50 orders completed, have earned at least $2,000 and maintain positive ratings.
  • Top Rated Seller: You need to be on fiver at least 180 days, complete at least 100 orders, have earned at least $20,000 and maintain positive seller ratings.

The higher seller level you achieve, the more potential clients you can get and the more you can charge for your services.

Does It Cost Money to Be A Freelancer on Fiverr?

It's totally free to set up a fiver seller account, with no monthly or annual subscription fees. However, you get paid 80% of the sales you make, and Fiverr keeps the 20%. While it's a cost of using their platform, it's well worth the value they provide to freelancers building their business.

How Do Fiverr Sellers Get Paid?

Each time a seller delivers an order and it's marked as “complete” by the buyer, you get paid for that gig 14 days after it's completed. As you build your reputation and become a “Top Rated Seller” or higher, you get the advantage of only having to wait for 7 days to be paid after a gig is completed.

Fiverr For Businesses

Fiverr for businesses is really straight forward. If you're a business of any size, you can create a Fiverr account for free and begin searching for freelancers that meet your work requirements.

When you hire a freelancer, Fiverr will have you pay up front, and then hold your payment until you accept the freelancers work. Once the order is accepted by you, the payment is released to the freelancer you hired. Businesses pay based on fixed prices, not hourly rates.

You also have the ability to send the seller a message to ask additional questions, and even negotiate the price should you feel inclined to do so. Fiverr sellers are incentivized to respond to you as quick as possible, so most responses will happen within the first 24 hours, if not the first couple hours or sooner.

After each completed order you purchase, you have the opportunity to give the seller a review. If your experience was bad, it can be noted in the review and has major consequences in terms of growing their freelance business if they don't maintain satisfactory reviews.

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Should You Use Fiverr?

If you're a freelancer looking to start a freelance business or just a side hustle for extra cash, is a fantastic option that allows you to do just that without prior experience.

If you're a business that wants to hire out jobs that may not require hiring a full time or part time employee, or perhaps you just need extra help managing your work load, Fiverr is a great place to get work done at a fair price.