Looking to make some extra money on the side? Maybe you want to pay off that high interest credit card debt, or have a little extra spending money? Companies like Door Dash are making it easier every day for people to earn extra money from home or on the side.

The question is, can you really earn extra money with Door Dash? That's a question worth investigating to see if it's worth your time. And that's exactly why I wrote this in depth review. We will be reviewing the Door Dash opportunity to make extra money, and whether it really works or if it's a waste of time. You be the judge.

What Is Door Dash?

Door Dash is a modern company that hires drivers to perform delivery services for their customers from multiple restaurants. Ever wanted some take out food on a Friday night but you were too lazy to go pick it up yourself? Yeah, me too.

That's why Door Dash was created. You now have a delivery service from your choice of hundreds of local restaurants for the Friday night when you feel that lazy mood coming on again.

Not only will they deliver you your food to your house on a Friday night (or any day of the week, not to confuse you), but they will also deliver you food wherever you are at. You might be at the park with your kids, or on the beach, or wherever it may be, Door Dash is committed to getting you your food delivered to you fast and on time.

Here's how Door Dash works:

1) Brows your favorite foods and restaurants with the Door Dash smart phone app.

Does Door Dash really work?

2) Choose your desired food, drink or desert, and process your order.

How does Door Dash work?

3) Receive your delivery within minutes. You can even watch where your driver is with their real-time tracking feature.

How Door Dash works

How much can you make with Door Dash?

Door Dash pays their drivers per delivery plus you keep 100% of the tips from each delivery. The amount they pay you each delivery is dependent upon the location plus what they call a “pay boost”.

The “pay boost” is a factor that takes into consideration the complexity of the order, the distance, the size of the order, etc. and will pay you more for larger orders and longer travel, and less for smaller orders and less travel distance.

Here is an example of how they would pay you in one of their operating cities cited from DoorDash.com:

  • “Delivery pay is calculated as $1 + 100% of tip + pay boost.  The pay boost amount will vary based on a variety of factors including the complexity of the order, distance to the restaurant, and orders you place yourself.  Through our tests, we found that most Dashers will earn more money on average with this new model.”

Let's say you want to work for 2 hours per day. You receive 10 orders total (5 orders per hour x 2 hours work) and say you get an average of $5 tip per order. Here is what your pay might look like based upon their description above of how you are paid:

  • $1 per order x 10 orders = $10
  • $5 tip per order x 10 orders – $50
  • $10 made for orders + $50 made from tips = $60

You just made $60 for two hours worth of work which is $30/hour. Not bad for a little extra cash!

Here's what some are saying about becoming a “Dasher” and delivering for Door Dash:

Door Dash success stories

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Do you need extra car insurance to deliver for Door Dash?

If you aren't familiar with jobs that require you to have a car for delivery purposes, you need to carry a commercial auto insurance policy in the event you get in an accident while delivering an order. Why doesn't your personal insurance cover this? Long story short, it's a coverage that most likely is excluded from your policy due to it being used for “business purposes”.

Not to worry though, Door Dash has gone out of their way to provide this insurance for you. So no extra need to go purchase an expensive policy that takes forever to finalize. Most companies make you pay for your own policy, not Door Dash. They've got it covered with $1,000,000 of coverage included in their employment package.

What methods of delivery are acceptable with Door Dash?

In most cities, you have the option to deliver orders via bike or car. In most cases, if you decide to use your bike, your orders need to be closer and may be most suited for those who live in the city rather than a rural neighborhood.

How do I sign up to become a delivery driver for Door Dash?

First off, you will want to double check that they operate in your city or somewhere close to it. They are a newer company growing at a rapid pace so they aren't in every city quite yet (although I doubt it will be long before they are fully operating everywhere in the US).

Second thing you need to do is make sure you meet all the requirements to become a “Dasher” to deliver. See the following image screenshot from DoorDash.com of the requirements to deliver:

Can you make money with Door Dash?

Once you have met all the requirements to become a “Dasher”, the process is pretty simple and straight forward to getting paid as early as this week! See again the following process screenshot from DoorDash.com:

How to make money with Door Dash
Other little known benefits of working for Door Dash as a delivery driver

Along with the potential to make some extra money, be your own boss and work your own hours, Door Dash has created additional ways for you to make some extra money as a “Dasher”.

Another way you can make some decent extra cash with little effort is by referring friends or people you know to become a “Dasher” and deliver for Door Dash. If you refer one friend, you will receive $50, and your referred friend will receive $25!

A Great Way To Earn Extra Money On The Side

Door Dash presents an awesome opportunity for anyone wanting to make some extra cash in their spare time. If you are a stay at home parent, college student in need of some weekend cash, or really anyone that wants to make more money, Door Dash is a great starting point.

What if you could make passive income from home doing something that you absolutely love? You don't need any prior experience, you can choose any industry and it only takes part time work.  Once it's up and going, you even make money while you sleep.

Some are even making upwards of $10,000+ monthly, just by sticking to a proven process.

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