Advertising has become so loud in so many ways that we often even forget the fact that we are surrounded constantly by new offers and the next best thing. You drive down the street with billboards claiming to save you money on your insurance, or so called “limited time offers”.

But is there a better way to grab someone's attention? Are even the corporate companies who hire experts to place their ads, doing it all wrong? After reading Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman, you gain a whole new perspective on how to persuade anyone to buy anything through proper advertising. It's all about the message you portray.

In Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman, you will learn how to sell anything with persuasive advertising techniques that even the experts don't do properly. He lays out the principles of successful advertising in examples and step by step details that anyone can follow them if they so choose.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

Whether you know it or not, the ads you see day in and day out are more than just pretty pictures with surprising claims. Deep within are embedded psychological principles carefully thought out and tested, geared at persuading your sub conscious mind.

Even down to the colors used and the time of day the ads are shown, when done properly, advertising agencies have learned how to get inside the brain, and persuade your decision (although you think you're doing that yourself, think again).

What you will learn from reading Cashvertising

Ever wonder what a good ad needs to have? To paint an extreme picture, Drew Whitman uses an example stating that if he were advertising his $1 dollar bill to anyone who wants it, but it costs $20, how many would actually give in to that ad? The opposite is also true. If I were advertising a $20 dollar bill to you and said all it cost was $1, how many would be attracted?

Included you will learn everything from how different colors affect the human mind in different ways. You'll also get insight on how different fonts statistically attract more viewers and how using capital letters versus using lower case letters affect your advertising.

A few of the mind-blowing topics Included in Cashvertising are the following:

  • How to get inside their heads: The 17 foundational principles of consumer psychology
  • Ad agency secrets: 41 proven techniques for selling anything to anyone
  • The amazing 5 second, no fail headline test
  • Long copy vs. short copy: which is really best for response?
  • 22 Tested and proven headline prescriptions you can start using right now
  • 101 Easy ways to boost your ad response
  • And many more…

Effective ads explained with real life examples

Among the many principles and strategies to use for your advertising, each one is accompanied by real life examples and easy to understand scenarios. A catching part of the book explains how using simple language in such a way that a 6th grader could understand it expands your potential audience reach, and communicates your message more effectively.

Other examples Whitman uses to explain a point refer back to Thomas Edison and his thousands of failed attempts, along with his thousands of successful patents. “Don't reinvent the light bulb, just switch it on. Thomas Edison held an unbelievable 1093 patents…” “…If for some wacky reason you wanted to build your own light bulb instead of spending years duplicating Edison's thousands of failed experiments, wouldn't it be wiser to read his lab notes and see how he did it?”

Want to improve how to phrase your ad language, and maximize its adjectives in such a way you make everyone who reads it envision themselves as if you ad is reality? Examples of this include explaining an apple sold by a produce company explained in two separate ways. Its very clear which one lulls your audience in to make a purchase.

Who is Cashvertising for?

Anyone looking to grow their business, explode their sales, and achieve wild success through brand awareness and advertising needs to read Cashvertising. This includes small business owners, online entrepreneurs, blogs, ecommerce websites, social media marketers, and everywhere in between.

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