Clickbank is an affiliate marketing company that allows you to promote thousands of digital products with your website or blog. Products range from ebooks, to online courses, to videos and programs. But can you really make money on Clickbank?

Some claim to make thousands per month promoting products on Clickbank, but are they really making that kind of money? Or is it just an effort to attract your attention with their catchy headlines and claims to make money?

I'm going to give you an in depth review of Clickbank, an affiliate marketing company for online entrepreneurs.

ClickBank Review


Founders: Geoff, Tim & Eileen Barber

Products/Services Offered: Affiliate marketing services for digital products & services

Clickbank Rating: 6.5/10

What types of products are offered to promote with Clickbank?

Before we dive into whether you can make money with Clickbank or not, I think it's appropriate to know what products are available to promote. Obviously they are a digital product promoting company, but what type of digital products?

While browsing through their catalog, their list of categories include everything from arts & entertainment, betting systems, business and investing, to health and fitness, parenting, family, and travel. Their total product catalog includes somewhere between 5,000 – 10,000. (I know that's a big range, but there isn't much data on their product count that I'm aware of).

The good products

Among their large digital catalog are well-thought-out and trustworthy programs, ebooks and online courses that you can promote. An example of what some of their better products look like, see the link below from Clickbank on how to write an ebook:

The bad products

Although there are many great products to promote, I will say they also have many “get-rich-quick” type of affiliate products to promote, giving their platform a bit of a “scamy” feel.

One product claimed to make you thousands of dollars within a few weeks through their Amazon Affiliate Program software, claiming to get thousands of affiliate link clicks by creating a simple website in a few seconds and they do the rest for you…that to me has scam written all over it! That was their easiest $20+ bucks I'm sure they ever made.

Due to the wide variety of their fake products promoted, I gave them a 6.5/10 review as noted above.

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Can you really make money on Clickbank?

Although they have a large mix of good and bad products, many people DO make a lot of money on Clickbank. Sadly, a lot of the money that is made is through the “get-rich-quick” schemes people promote, and customers easily fall for (myself included once upon a time).

What about the other products though? Despite the bad mix of products discussed, there are some great and trustworthy digital companies promoting their product through the Clickbank website. The trick is to spot the good ones that are legit and valuable, and only promote those.

While you can potentially make a quick buck feeding on the ignorant, it's not a moral value I support. So the short answer: Yes you can make good money with Clickbank, but make sure you only promote the products with real value, and skip the “get-rich-quick” products as they will degrade the real value of a good blog or website.

What are some potential alternatives to Clickbank?

If you are looking for affiliate companies that have over 12,000 products, and a great reputation, then I'd start with a top affiliate marketing company called Flex Offers. They only offer companies that have great reputations, and have one of the largest varieties of offers to choose from.

The reason I recommend Flex Offers to start with is because they have a very large directory of companies in nearly every industry, and their approval process is much quicker.  Not to mention if there are issues, their support is quick to reply and help you grow your network.

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How to properly promote affiliate partners products and services

It can be a big learning curve when it comes to promoting affiliate companies products and services.  There is certainly an art and a science behind the process to a successful affiliate marketing business.

Whether you're new to affiliate marketing, or a seasoned veteran, there are always new tips and tricks to learn and grow your online business.  This affiliate marketing training platform provides online businesses with excellent expert training's, tools and resources that you may find valuable in growing your business.

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