If you have a blog or website using WordPress, then you've probably run into the common time consuming decision of choosing which theme is best for your blog. The problem I had was picking a theme that I thought worked well, later to find it didn't include features I thought it had, resulting in starting the search for that perfect theme all over again!

To pick just one theme and say it's the best would be near impossible since there are thousands of themes to choose from.  But what if you could purchase a premium theme for under $100, and have access to 80+ themes AND additional plugins?  There is a reason that Elegant Themes is so popular.  It's because that's exactly what they offer you!

Here I'm going to explain the benefits of the popular WordPress theme, Elegant Themes, and why it's the best WordPress premium theme for nearly any blog or website, regardless of your market or industry.

Choosing The Best WordPress Premium Theme

The hard part about purchasing a premium theme is that you only get access to a live demo before making the choice to purchase it for your website.  I've unfortunately made the mistake of thinking a theme was the right one, spending a good $50-$100+ on the theme, and come to find it's not what I'm looking for!

This is a frustrating mistake that many of you may be able to relate to firsthand.  I often saw the many blog posts and ads promoting the famous Elegant Themes, but never paid much attention to them thinking it was just another theme looking to disappoint again.  There were a few things I didn't know, that if I had known, I would have jumped on the opportunity earlier and joined the Elegant Themes loyal fans.

Why Elegant Themes Is The Best of the Premium WordPress Themes

There are three main reasons that Elegant Themes is the theme of choice:

  1. Access to 80+ themes, not just one
  2. Access to multiple premium WordPress plugins
  3. Affordable price

If that's not enough to convince you, good luck finding your perfect fit because the search will be endless otherwise!

Access to more than 80 premium themes

Most themes make you pay for the theme and they give you access to that one theme.  Elegant Themes, on the other hand, acts more like a membership with access to tons of theme options.  80+ themes to be exact (as of this writing).

Among the themes offered, there are options that are made specifically for nearly every niche website available.  Here are some of the choices and their respective niches they were built for:

WordPress Elegant Themes

As you can see, there is a theme that will fit nearly any website niche industry or market.  The best part is, you can change things up as you see fit without having to purchase another premium theme!

Along with the plethora of theme options is the helpful support offered.  Having troubles with the CSS of your website? Or maybe you want to add or remove a certain element to more closely customize to your audience? The Elegant Themes support forum is there for total access to professional help and support with your chosen theme.

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Access to multiple WordPress premium plugins

I remember searching for a social media plugin that allowed me to insert share buttons and follow buttons on my website.  I came across multiple popular plugins, but each had their one flaw that made things even more difficult.

Elegant Themes Plugins
Elegant Themes comes with access to one of the most user friendly social media plugins, their Monarch social media plugin.

You can customize which buttons you choose, you can sync your social media platforms API to your theme and you can easily choose where the icons are placed on your website, and it actually looks presentable (unlike many free social media plugin options out there).

Other plugins that you get when you purchase the Element Themes are:

  • Divi Builder – a customized page builder plugin
  • Bloom – a world class email subscribe form builder
  • Monarch – social media follow and share plugin
  • HandHeld – a plugin that works with your normal theme, with an alternate layout for your mobile visitors
  • Shortcodes – a plugin that gives you access to multiple shortcodes
  • Anticipate – a maintenance mode plugin that allows you to communicate to your visitors a “coming soon” page while you are working on website changes.
  • ET Builder – a custom page builder plugin that allows you to organize pages and posts with a drag and drop model

With the plugins offered by Elegant Themes, its rare that you will need to download anything more for your professional looking website.

Premium themes and plugins at an affordable price

Most premium themes that are worth purchasing will cost at least $50+, and many cost much more than $150+.  Elegant Themes offers their entire package for $89, giving you full access to everything they offer.

Rather than paying for a theme that only gives you so much info to determine whether it's what you're looking for or not, Elegant Themes allows you access to:

  • 80+ Premium WordPress themes
  • 7 Premium WordPress plugins
  • Theme support
  • Full access to newly introduced products and plugins

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What Is The Best Premium WordPress Theme?

As soon as I found out about the value that Elegant Themes offers in comparison to other premium WordPress themes, my decision was made.  Now there may be those few and far between websites that need an even more niche WordPress theme not offered here.  The only way to find out is to give them a shot.  If they aren't the right fit, I'm confident in assuring that the access to Elegant Themes premium plugins are worth the cost alone.

Mind you there are 87 themes to choose from, so the odds are in your favor.

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Want to learn more about Elegant Themes WordPress themes and plugins? Here you will find their plugins and WordPress themes demos for a detailed visual.