I've often struggled with choosing which website building platform is the best option. Things I looked for were user-friendliness, great help and support, and options to take my website anywhere I wanted it to go.  I've done my research and tried and tested many website building platforms.

If that sounds like you, then read on. I'm going to review the pro's and con's of Wix.com so you have a better idea of whether to spend your time working with them, or if there are better options. Now I'm not saying Wix.com is the best easy website builder, but I will attempt to help you come to your own conclusion on the question.

Wix.com Free Website Builder Overview

Wix.com hasn't been around for as long as some other major website building platforms such as Shopify, or BigCommerce (or at least I'd never heard of them until recently). I will say however they have given the top dogs a run for their money. They certainly have a unique approach to attracting new online entrepreneurs through some of their one of a kind features that I'll discuss further on.

If you're looking to find a website host that aims to help the new online business guru who knows nothing about coding or building websites, I'd say it's worth reading on and potentially giving Wix.com some attention. Allow me to further explain.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • Wix.com has an industry leading ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This basically creates the website for you based off of your input. It will search the web for anything and everything about your small business and create a website that fits the description. I'd say it's pretty phenomenal.
  • If you don't use the ADI option to build your website, they make things easy enough with their simple drag and drop page designer.
  • Options for many integration's to customize your site for its purpose.
  • Ability to add a chat box on your website. This allows you to be notified when you have site visitors, and you can start a chat session with them to answer questions and magnify the user experience.
  • You have an option to include an appointment setting section for you white collar professionals (or any professional use really). When a customer visits your site they can book an appointment then and there!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that allows and aids your site in getting noticed by google search results.

The Bad:

  • Is not the best option for having an online store with subscription services and checkout carts.
  • Slow loading website. I personally got very frustrated waiting for the page to stop lagging and loading. This wasn't due to my internet connection, as other pages worked absolutely fine except for wix.com
  • Not user-friendly for those looking to create a blog
  • Does not allow you to have personalized email integrated with the membership
  • If you have more than 25+ pages on your website, wix is not for you.

Who is Wix.com for?

If you are a newbie with creating websites that look very professional and modern, I'd say hands down wix.com would be a fantastic choice. You can get away with a million dollar looking customized website without having to do much other than drag and drop to organize your pages.

If you are looking to create an affiliate marketing website with Amazon Affiliate, Wix.com works very smoothly with Amazon and has even customized an app to integrate with your site for Amazon Affiliate marketing.

Wix.com Features & Benefits

As stated at the end of the last section there, Wix.com has a recently added app that you can download with your membership and integrate your website with Amazon.com. Once you have followed the steps to link your website to Amazon, you can set up an affiliate marketing website by recommending certain products and getting a commission off of the sale, or you can even choose already listed products on Amazon and list them on your website as well.

For more information on Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Affiliate and other options read this.

Along with their Amazon app, they have thousands of other apps that you can add to your website to help ease the process and purpose of your website.

Price Options & Membership

As you can see from the image below, they have a lot of options for different memberships and benefits. If you're just starting out, I'd recommend at least the $14 per month option, its only $9 more than the most basic but it gives you so much more access and help, a good investment in my opinion.

My Opinion on Wix.com

Is Wix.com worth it? My honest opinion is yes, but only if your just beginning with building websites. If you already have a grasp on the basics of an online business and have tried different website options, I'd say there are much better platforms out there.

I personally use these guys. With all the features and benefits that Wix.com has, along with ability to have up to 50 domains for free and added guidance and step by step education, I've yet to find someone that matches what they have to offer. The Best thing is, they offer it for free! (well they have a paid version, but the free version has everything and then some compared to other sites).

Wix.com Quick Review & Summary

Website: www.wix.com

Wix.com intended for: Beginner website builders
Wix.com Price: Anywhere from $5 – $25
Overall Ranking out of ten: 6.5/10

Competitors & Potential Alternatives

As always, I'd appreciate your comments and input.  What other website platforms have you found helpful?  What type of website do you use it for? And why do you find it a good product?