You can potentially make hundreds of extra dollars every year, six months or even every three months just by using popular cashback websites. By shopping at the stores you already shop at using the cashback website's referral link, they will give you a small cash reward when purchases are made. It's that easy!

With that said, there are hundreds of cashback sites out there and some are not worth your time, are scams, or try to sell your information as a source of income for their business. However, many programs out there are fantastic options for making extra money! This list of the best cashback sites is where to start.


TopCashback is one of the larger cashback sites that partners with thousands of stores providing cashback options when you shop.

Their process is easy to use, all you have to do is brows their stores on the TopCashback website, click to the retailers you wish to shop at, make your purchase and you get cashback in your TopCashback account.

They don't have any minimum payout threshold allowing you to get paid anytime regardless of your current cashback balance. Their mobile app makes it easy to shop online from anywhere with an internet connection, not just your desktop.

If you want to make even more money, TopCashback also has additional bonus payout programs that allows you to earn up to an additional 3% cashback on the money you've already made.

Dollar Dig is another online shopping website that offers cashback when shopping at their partnered retail stores. It's free to join, and has a large variety of companies to shop at.

Anything from general accessories, to books and media, to gift shops, online services, sports and fitness and even wholesale companies.


Their cashback program shows you how much cashback you will get from each offer available on their website stated in a percentage. Some offers give you cashback of up to 55% or more! Offers are are constantly changing and offering new cashback offers that are valid through certain dates.


ibotta is perhaps one of the most widely known cashback program available as of right now. It is unique in that it offers cashback at physical locations and online shopping.

They have cashback offers at over 500,000 physical locations and thousands of online retailers as well.

For physical locations, all you have to do is save your receipt, and search for offers at that particular store within the app then add them to your list of offers. Next, upload your receipt and ibotta will match your purchases with your list of offers. 

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates offers cashback options at over 3,000 store. They are an online shopping cashback website that gives you cashback each time you shop at a partnered retailer through their affiliate links.

A convenient tool that Mr. Rebates offers is a web browser extension that automatically reminds you to activate cashback when you're shopping online so you never miss out on available deals.

The web browser extension also lets you search for offers on particular stores, access coupons and favorite stores and view your cashback totals all in one place.


Dosh is a cashback program that lets you get cashback automatically without having to worry about shopping through a cashback website, or using a coupon code to get the deal.

Rather, you simply link your debit card to Dosh's app, and it tracks your spending and matches your purchases with their retail partners. Next, you get paid cashback automatically!

Dosh also allows you to earn more money by referring friends and family to the app. Each person you refer, they will pay you $5 and pay your referral $5 just for signing up and connecting a bank account.

Get $5 by signing up for Dosh here with my affiliate link.

Rakuten (eBates)

What was formerly known as Ebates is now known as Rakuten. Rakuten is another one of the largest cashback programs available and offers cashback with over 2,500 stores.

Cashback offers range from dollar amounts when shopping at certain stores to percentages cashback on your purchase.

What's more is that if you refer friends or family, Rakuten will pay you $25 and your referral $10 for signing up.

Get $10 free for signing up for Rakuten here!

An exciting feature of Rakuten is that they have a link to all their stores that are currently offering double cashback on their offers. These are changing offers and provide an additional opportunity to make extra money back.


Swagbucks is one of the more unique cashback programs available in that they allow you to do more than just shop online for cash.

You can do anything from completing surveys, watching videos, coupon shopping and cashback offers when you shop as well.

Each time you want to earn extra money or recieve cashback for things other than shopping, you can brows the available offers which will also show you how long it takes to complete the task.

Like a few other cashback programs mentioned here, Swagbucks will pay you $10 for free just for signing up!

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Swagbucks also pays out based on a point system, so each activity you complete will add points to your account. These points can then be turned in for cash or gift cards.

Popular Money Apps With Cashback Programs

Most of these cashback programs listed above are geared at helping you make and save more money. However, there are many trusted money apps that provide just as good if not better (in some cases) cashback offers that also help you improve your financial scenario. A few of them are:


Acorns is a very popular money management app that helps you start investing in the stock market, while also earning cashback and managing your money.

They pioneered the idea of rounding up each of your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar, and automatically invest the extra change in the stock market.

They even provide you a customized investment portfolio so no investment experience is needed.

They also offer a debit card that lets you get what they call “Found Money” (the same thing as cashback), which gives you money back when shopping at their partner retail companies. The biggest difference of the Found Money program is that the cashback you receive is automatically invested into your customized portfolio!

Cash App

You may have heard of Square, a payment processing company for small and medium sized businesses. Square also owns a peer to peer payments app called Cash App.

Cash App lets you transfer money from friends and family easily just like PayPal or Venmo. The app also allows you to invest in stocks with any dollar amount.

Cash App provides you with a debit card to access your cash in your Cash App account. When you make purchases with your Cash App debit card, you can select from different “boosts” (which are cashback offers) to activate.

If you plan on going to the grocery store, there might be a boost that you can activate before you shop so you get the cashback offer.



Stash is an investing app that also offers a debit card with cashback options. Their investing app lets you invest any dollar amount into the stock market and provides investment advice for beginners.

The debit card is very unique because it gives you cashback for all your purchases in the form of stocks.

If you shop at Walmart or Amazon with your Stash debit card, you will get cashback in the form of stocks from Walmart or Amazon.

If the store that you shop at isn't a publicly traded company in the stock market, you get cashback in the form of shares of an ETF global stock market fund.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a fantastic investing app that lets you automate investing in the stock market completely free. They also have an M1 Spend card which is a basic debit card with a very basic cashback program.

When you pay the annual fee for the tungsten debit card, you get unlimited 1% cashback for any of your purchases you make.

Their investing accounts let you make a “pie” of your favorite stocks and designate what percentage each stock makes of your portfolio. Each time you invest, you money is spread out among your portfolio accordingly!

M1 Finance will also give you $10 free when signing up for an account.