UPDATE: Affiliate Blogger Pro seems to have been discontinued and no longer in service.

If you'd like to view the “Super Affiliate Handbook” by Rosalind Gardner, you can view it through the link above.

Here is an alternative affiliate marketing platform that is highly recommended.

Getting started in affiliate marketing has its benefits, but there is definitely a learning curve if you have no online experience.

There are multiple online affiliate marketing courses worth taking a look at, some good and some bad. Each are geared towards helping teach you how to build an online business through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Blogger Pro is just that, an online training course for becoming an affiliate marketer. Rosalind Gardner is the author and owner of the training, and has years of experience in the industry. She definitely comes with some great credentials and reputation with her experience.

This article is going to explain the Affiliate Blogger Pro training course, ultimately to help you determine if its right for you and worth the cost.

Rosalind Gardner Affiliate Blogger Pro

Rosalind Gardner has been in affiliate marketing and blogging since 1998. She is an expert in blogging, and affiliate marketing. As such, she walks through and shares her best practices through her training program, Affiliate Blogger Pro.

Rosalind authored a book that aided in her fame as an affiliate marketing “Queen.” She authored “The Super Affiliate Handbook” which some called the bible of affiliate marketing. Since then, she has been publishing and training students how to make a great living through blogging and affiliate marketing.

==> You can purchase Rosalind Gardner's famous book “The Super Affiliate Handbook” here.

What is Affiliate Blogger Pro?

Affiliate Blogger Pro is the training course authored by Rosalind Gardner focused on affiliate marketing and blogging. Her objective is to train new and even experienced bloggers and affiliate marketers how to monetize their website online, and grow a following in the affiliate marketing and blogging industry.

What is included with the Affiliate Blogger Pro membership?

I've included a screenshot of the Affiliate Blogger Pro course features. I will say that there is even more content available to you than shown here, the access you get to expert content and how to's is definitely worth a consideration.

As you can see, access to great content is included in the membership, and if you're new or expert you will find info you may not heard of yet, which will help generate new ideas and results for your website.

==> Click here to sign up for Affiliate Blogger Pro

What are the Pro's & Con's of Affiliate Blogger Pro?

The Pro's:

  • Very large library and access to expert advice
  • Step by step course to help grow your affiliate marketing
  • Suggested resources and tools for speeding up productivity
  • Reasonable monthly cost when compared to other competitors

The Con's:

  • Some content may be a bit outdated
  • Membership only includes content, no added website hosting, content publishing tools, etc. resources included
  • Too much information for some could cause confusion

Is Affiliate Blogger Pro Worth It?

When asking whether this training course is worth the cost or not, I'd have to say it is a great option. For the small monthly cost, you get access to great content. But that can only last so long.

When asked if there are better options out there, my response is YES. If you're looking for up to date modern training courses, with access to a large community to help grow your website presence and generate feedback, along with access to the following:

  • Free website domains to start with
  • Online Certification Courses with step by step instructions
  • Access to free keyword research tools to generate organic traffic
  • Easy to use content creating platform
  • Added website security and back-up features included
  • Trainings and courses for any website niche

Then my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. They give you absolutely everything you need to build a money making online business, with step by step instruction and access to ALL the tools you need. No need to become a member of any other hosting platform or content creating company, because they include it ALL in your membership!

(see my in depth review of Wealthy Affiliate here)

Final Word & Opinion

Now if you've got a little extra cash and are OK spending a little extra money up front for added training and insight, I would check out Wealthy Affiliate first, and make that your priority to begin. Then join Affiliate Blogger Pro to get access to extra content and squeeze out all the training you can from it until its no longer worth your money.

Wealthy Affiliate will always keep training's and info up to date and innovative, so nothing will be out dated or old news.  Create your Wealthy Affiliate account here for free.

What other tools and resources have you found helpful when building your online business? Comment below, I'm anxious to hear!