Thanks to innovative technology, companies like Acorns Investments allow consumers to invest in the stock market without having a ton of money. Investing apps have made investing in the stock market as easy as a simple click on your smart phone app to invest $5.

Here is my detailed Acorns Investing review for anyone considering giving them a try, or simply want to know more about the company. Acorns is more than just an investing app, it offers free money to its users in a way never been done before by other investing companies.

Acorns Investing Review Snapshot

Product: Investing app that allows users to invest their spare change in a diversified portfolio customized to each user.

Features: By linking your bank account to your Acorns account, Acorns automatically “round(s) up” each of your purchases to the next whole dollar and invests the spare change for you.

Benefits: Allows you to invest in the stock market without noticing your budget tightening, and automates the process for you so your investing is consistent.

Competitive Advantage: By shopping at major retailers who have partnered with Acorns using Acorns “Found Money” feature, the respective retailer(s) will deposit a percentage of your purchase, or a set dollar amount for free into your Acorns account.

Price: $1 per month for accounts under $5,000, and 0.25% per year for accounts over $5,000.

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What Is Acorns Investing?

Acorns is a modern investing app that allows its users to invest their spare change into the stock market. By linking your bank account to your Acorns brokerage account, Acorns will round up all your purchases to the next whole dollar and invest the difference for you.

Upon opening your account, Acorns will ask a series of questions to determine an investment portfolio that fits your investing objectives. Once your account is open, your investing is set on autopilot and before you know it, you've got an extra chunk of change in the stock market!

Unique Features & Benefits of Acorns Investing

As briefly described above, Acorns has some unique features that are worth noting. Their main feature being their “Round-up's” makes Acorns the only company offering a user the ability to invest their spare change. But Round-Ups aren't the only unique feature offered by Acorns. Below are explanations of Acorns Later accounts, and Acorns Spend accounts, each adding convenient benefits to investors.

What are Acorns “Round-up's?”

Acorns uses the term “Round-up's” when referring to rounding up your daily expenses to the next dollar. Each purchase you make every day will be “rounded up” (thus the term “round-up's”) to the next whole dollar. The difference is then invested into your Acorns account and diversified among the different funds customized to your investment objectives.

Here's an example. Lets say you make a stop each morning at your local gas station on the way to work to pick up your “guilty-pleasure” drink to wake you up. Your purchase costs you $2.15. In this case, Acorns would round your purchase up to $3.00 even, and take that additional $0.85 and invest it into your diversified investment portfolio.

On average, if you make 3 purchases each day, you could expect to have invested $2.55 per day ($0.85 x 3 = $2.55), give or take for example. Over time, that adds up! In just a few months of using Acorns, I've accumulated over $500+ in my account plus the investment return.

Why are round up's more advantageous than just automatically investing a larger amount once per month into your account? Because round up's are multiple small incremental amounts that add up to one larger amount. This makes investing feel less expensive in terms of budget.

Should you choose to, you can also turn on the round up's multiplier. If you want to invest more money, you can select to have Acorns round up your money and invest a multiple of the amount rounded up. You can choose to double, triple or 10x your roundups.

What is Acorns “Found Money?”

Have you ever used or heard of cashback websites like Ebates or Ibotta? Well Acorns has taken the same idea and added it to their investment platform. Acorns version of this is called Found Money.  Here's how it works.

Acorns has partnered with many of the largest retail stores in the US, allowing Acorns users who want to shop at those partner retailers the ability to get cashback for shopping at those stores.

For example, one of Acorns Found Money large retailers is Amazon. When an Acorns customer wants to purchase one of the select Amazon products like an Amazon Kindle, Amazon will deposit a percentage of your purchase into your Acorns investment account. That's free money!

Other companies like Life Lock, an ID theft insurance policy, offers Acorns customers a $25 deposit into your investment account once you sign up with their ID theft insurance policy.

Just by being a customer of Acorns, you get access to tons of unique discounts and offers that aren't available to anyone else. Not only do you get to invest your spare change, but you get access to free money deposited into your investment account as well.

Here is an in app screen recording of the Acorns Found Money retail partners.

What is Acorns Later?

One of the biggest reasons people invest in the stock market is to save for retirement. That's why Acorns gives its users to their Acorns Later account, a simple Roth IRA that allows you to set up recurring investments into an IRA to save for retirement.

You can start by investing with as little as $5. Just set your investment dollar amount, how often you want to have it automatically invested, and then watch it grow. You can have recurring investments for your Acorns Later account set up to be daily, weekly or monthly. You also have the option to make one time investments should you choose to.

With an Acorns Later account, you can have all your investments in one easy to manage location together with your individual Acorns brokerage account.

Acorns charges an additional $1 per month for accounts under $5,000 and 0.25% per year for accounts over $5,000 when opening up an Acorns Later account.

What is Acorns Spend?

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Acorns is their new feature called Acorns Spend. Acorns Spend is simply a checking account and debit card, with the features of Acorns round up's and found money.

With the Acorns Round up's, your money is technically held aside until it reaches a balance of $5 before it's invested into your investment portfolio. With Acorns Spend, your round up's happen automatically in real time.

Another exciting feature that the Acorns Spend account offers, is the ability to shop at the Found Money partner retailers both online and offline in store purchases.

Upon launching the Acorns Spend account, they sold out of their first 100,000 accounts in under 4 days time!

Acorns is changing the future of investing

Acorns set out to make it easier for everyone to invest in the stock market. Starting in 2012, after just a few years they have helped over 3,000,000+ (three million) people invest in the stock market and growing (as of this writing).

They took it a step further and allowed their customers to also begin investing for retirement without the need of large minimum investment amounts.

Now by offering their Acorns Spend account, they are making it even easier for everyone to invest in the stock market automatically.

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