Now days the options to invest money online are only growing in numbers.  Thanks to modern technology an innovative investing companies, you can now invest as little as $5 in a diversified investment portfolio.  Or you can invest in your favorite stock companies only purchasing fractional shares.  The options are growing to be unlimited!

To invest money online, you simply need an investment account, as little as $5, and an overall objective for the invested money.  Here i'm going to show you the best ways to invest money online with different investment companies that each offer unique opportunities.

Top Ways To Invest Your Money For Big Profits

Each investment company listed below has a unique strategy on how you can invest your money.  It's not uncommon to invest with multiple of the companies below, in fact the more diversified the better!  Each company has been researched thoroughly and is highly trusted with a strong reputation.

Acorns Investing: Invest Your Spare Change

Product Description

Acorns allows you to invest your spare change from everyday purchases. By linking your bank account to your Acorns Investing account, acorns will automatically “round up” each of your daily purchases to the next whole dollar. It then takes the spare change and invests it in a diversified portfolio customized to your goals.

Features & Benefits

With an Acorns account, you get access to hundreds of their major retail partners discount offers.  By shopping at your favorite stores, a portion of your purchase will be invested into your Acorns account as an exclusive member of Acorns.  Acorns calls this “Found Money.”

Included is also the option to open up an IRA account called “Acorns Later” account, and set up an Acorns checking account with “Acorns Spend.”

Acorns takes the psychology of “not having enough money” to invest out of the equation, and allows anyone to invest their spare change automatically.

M1 Finance: Free Automated Investing

Product Description

M1 Finance allows you to simply build your investment portfolio with your favorite stocks, then set it on autopilot with recurring investments.  You can set your own schedule for your regular investments so you build wealth automatically.  With M1's technology, it allocates money from each of your deposits among the different companies in your portfolio. 

Features & Benefits

By creating a portfolio of the companies you are most passionate about, you can invest in what you love and do so with little money to start.  You can set your investments on autopilot allowing you to spend time doing what you love most, and less time managing your investments.

You can start investing with two easy steps:

  1. Create your portfolio
  2. Set up your recurring investments

Robinhood: Learn How To Invest In Stocks For Free

Product Description

Robinhood is an investment platform that allows you to invest in the stock market & in cryptocurrencies commission free.  They give you access to a state of the art smartphone app that allows you to see your returns and investment options.  You can choose from stock shares, ETFs and among the most popular cryptocurrencies and view all your investments in one place.

Features & Benefits

By having the option to invest in both the stock market and in cryptocurrencies, you no longer need to separate your investment accounts.  Robinhood even allows you to day trade, and trade on margin should you choose to.

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Perhaps their most attractive feature is if you sign up through an affiliate link like this one, you will get a share of free stock!  Chances of someone getting a free share of Apple or Amazon are not uncommon! In fact, they are within 1 and 150 chances of getting a free share of a world known growing company.

Coinbase: Invest In Cryptocurrency

Product Description

Coinbase is perhaps the most widely known platform to purchase bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.  They are a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you link your bank account, debit card or credit card to their platform and purchase cryptocurrency.  Coinbase allows you to purchase Bitcoin, Liteclin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.  If you're looking to get started with just a small amount of money in cryptocurrency, Coinbase is your best option.

Features & Benefits

Their platform gives you access to real time price charts that allow you to see the price changes of the respective cryptocurrency for the following time intervals: 1 hour,  1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year & all time.  This allows you to make logical decisions based on potential market trends.  Coinbase offers you $10 free in Bitcoin when setting up your account through our affiliate link here!

Personal Capital: Free Financial Budgeting Tools

Product Description

Personal Capital is used by over 1.6 million people giving them access to free financial tools.  By linking all your accounts to Personal Capital, you can organize all your financial data into one easy to understand platform.  For individuals with investable assets of at least $100,000, Personal Capital offers professional investment advice and help at a fraction of the cost to hire a financial advisor.

Features & Benefits

With the free financial tools you get at Personal Capital, you will get insights into spending habits, savings goals and retirement planning and projections.  Along with their user friendly financial tools, Personal Capital offers holistic Wealth Management for qualified members that have investable assets of at least $100,000.  They give you guided experience with a trusted financial advisor who works as a fiduciary adviser, access to personalized portfolio management, and full financial planning.