Let's face it, when life gets busy, managing money is easy to get swept to the side causing us to get lost with our finances. It used to be that balancing your checkbook was how you managed your money to make sure you were on track for your financial goals, and making all your payments on time.

Now days, most people don't even use checks due to the growing digital economy and the ability to do things electronically. Having said that, one thing is true and will always stay the same concerning money management. If you don't know where your money is going, then it will take you to ultimate financial failure.

That's where helpful money management apps come in handy. Today, you now have the ability to sync your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, lines of credit, mortgages, etc all into one location so you can view it all and budget properly. Here I will show you the top 10 money management apps to aid you with your finances.

Not only will you save more money using a well trusted money management app, but you will improve your financial health whether that be paying off debt, saving more money or preparing for retirement.

The Top 10 Money Management Apps That Will Make Your Finances Easier

These money management apps all have one thing in common; that is that they will improve your financial well-being in a positive way. Each has different benefits that may cater to you more than the other, but regardless of your choice you will be taking a step in the right direction.

1. Wevest

Don't confuse Wevest to be a dedicated investment app, because it's not. It will help you answer three main questions:

  1. How am I doing?
  2. What should I do next?
  3. What will that get me?

By aggregating all your finances in one location, the app will give you financial advice and reminders for upcoming bill payments, next steps to achieve your savings goals, and options to save for long term goals like retirement.

With its expert help and advanced technology, you can see your savings progress, hit your financial goals and forecast your future financially.

Learn more about Wevest here.

#2 – Spent Money App

The Spent Money App allows you to link your bank accounts to its secure app, and automatically provides you cash back on your everyday purchases. By syncing your bank account transactions, it reviews your daily purchases to see cash back options available, and matches your expenses with available cashback offers.

Spent will also show you nearby stores that have automatic cashback offers, and even show you popular and recommended cashback options for upcoming expenses that will happen like paying for gas, buying groceries, entertainment and restaurants.

#3 – Acorns

Acorns original product was an app that rounds up your daily purchases to the next nearest dollar, and investing the spare change into a diversified investment portfolio. But they offer more than just an automatic savings service. Acorns also allows you to:

  • Shop at major online retailers who will then invest a percentage of your purchase back into your acorns account
  • Save for retirement by opening an IRA
  • Their Spend debit card now allows you to make in person purchases at retail stores, who then invest a percentage of the purchase in your account for you. (This is simply a debit card linked to your bank account, that allows you to take advantage of bullet point 1 listed above, but at in person purchases rather than just online purchases)

The benefit of Acorns is that you can invest money passively without really feeling much of a difference financially due to the nature of each investment being spare change.

#4 – Empower Finance

Empower is a financial management app that aggregates all your accounts, loans, credit cards, etc into one place. They make it easier to read all of your financial statements in one location.

The Empower Finance App also has the ability to send you notifications to let you know if a bill has suddenly increased or if a payment may have been missed. No more headache keeping track of your monthly bill due dates and no more allowing companies to take advantage of you by increasing your payments.

#5 – Tally

Tally is an app that helps users pay off credit card debt quicker. They offer one simple line of credit to its users, allowing them to manage all their credit card payments in one location. The line of credit pays all the respective credit cards each month for you, allowing you to make one payment to your line of credit.

This simplifies your monthly credit card payments, and allows you to manage your debt more efficiently.

#6 – Trim Financial Manager

OK, so this isn't necessarily an app but I believe Trim Financial Manager merits being added to this list. Trim financial manager is a virtual assistant that syncs to your bank accounts and analyzes your expenses.

It then monitors your payments to see where you can save on costs in such ways as canceling old subscriptions, setting spending alerts, checking how much users spent on ride-sharing apps the previous month, and automatically fighting fees charged to you by your bank.

Yup, they argue your banking fees for you!

#7 – Groupon

You may have heard of one of the top shopping discount apps, namely, Groupon. Groupon allows you to save up to 70% on purchases you make every day. They will help you save money on daily spending by finding you great deals for you.

They find the best local deals for restaurants, gym memberships, messages, shopping, fashion traveling, etc. When using Groupon you are definitely going to save money by knowing the best deals available around you.

#8 – Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a debt management app that allows you to monitor and track y our credit score without hurting your score at all. They analyze your score, the rating factors that determine your score, and give you advice on how to improve your credit score.

They will show you recommended credit products and your chances of approval, removing the headache of searching and doing multiple credit applications.

If you're in need of improving your credit score, Credit Sesame is hands down your best free money management app available out there.

#9 – Personal Capital

Perhaps the most well-rounded financial management app available is Personal Capital. Their user base has grown exponentially fast due to their ease of use and innovative platform.

Personal Capital aggregates all your personal finance information in one location, allowing you to see, plan and create goals for your finances. You can link bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages and even investment accounts to see your total financial picture in one place.

They take a holistic approach to finances, while combining the automated help and benefit of the internet and technology. Personal Capital is free to use and will give you a better overall picture and vision of your finances.

#10 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks may just be the largest and most popular money saving app available. They are a cashback app and website allowing you to receive cashback when shopping through their unique links.

You can shop at any major retailer like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and thousands more. Not only do you get cashback for shopping, you can also make extra money by doing common tasks online that you already do like watching videos, taking surveys and even playing games!

Swagbucks is free to join and offer you a $10 bonus for free when you sign up with our unique link for free.

Money Management Tips

Finding trusted money management apps, tools and resources can be frustrating. Why? Because there are thousands of companies out there, and only a few that actually provide real value to their customers.

Learning how to save your money properly, make more money and plan for big financial events is a must if you want to live a comfortable life. By following the advice on our ultimate guide to money, you will improve your finances quicker and easier than searching out the top tools and trends yourself.

We've reviewed, analyzed and compared the top financial resources and included them all in one location for you. What financial apps or tools have you used that are helpful that aren't mentioned here? Post your comments below!

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